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Articles posted on January 2009

Maximise the Value of Your Recruitment Database
2:24pm Friday 30 January 2009

Recruitment Systems aims to make recruiters more effective through intuitive technology and great advice. Each week the recruiters and technology experts that make up their team and client-base will post some clear and simple tips to help you become a remarkable recruiter. I was recently quoted in the latest newsletter below on "Maximise the Value of Your Recruitment Database". You can sign up to the weekly free newsletter here read more...

In Plain English please
10:38pm Thursday 29 January 2009

Sometimes it’s hard to explain technology using words. Many people enjoy watching short, interactive videos. I have stumbled across the makers of these videos a number of times, and I thought I would share their cool videos RSS, Social Networking, Social Media, Twitter and Phishing Scams in plain English. read more...

Chit-chat with Alison Monroe from Adage
1:33pm Thursday 29 January 2009

Earlier this week, I received a media release from the niche job board Adage that the Directors have decided to put the job board up for sale, and concentrate on their other businesses. I spoke with Alison Monroe, one of the Directors of Adage, offering some advice (having gone through a sale of my own recently) and here is the summary from our discussions. read more...

Sell your friends emails to MyCareer
11:04am Thursday 29 January 2009

MyCareer have followed Careerone and SEEK in creating interactive games for the job seeker. The concept is good, but I doubt that it will really take off. My initial reaction was WOW, then I actually started playing the game (it really should be called - sell us your friends to win 50k). It must have cost $$ HEAPS to create this game, and then the cost to advertise the promotion. read more...

Monster hacked again plus information on security terminology
8:19pm Wednesday 28 January 2009

It has been widely reported online and readers would have known by now that Monster websites have been hacked. Confidential information has been downloaded, maybe malicious scripts have been uploaded, who knows what else has been done. But the question is... WHY? Why has the site been hacked in the first place. We understand that Monster has recently undergone a site upgrade - but still, that’s NO EXCUSE for not protecting confidential information. Let’s look at common terminology on the types of computer security incidents, and computer security evaluation methods. read more...

TribeHQ is coming
11:50pm Tuesday 27 January 2009

TribeHQ is set to breathe social networking life into the static world of job boards. It is currently gearing up for the public beta release next week (2nd Feb 2009). I was lucky enough to be sent some screenshots and pre release information from Tim de Jardine & Paul Jacobs co-founders of TribeHQ (Tim is also the founder of Hirewall ATS I interviewed a few weeks ago). read more...

Interview with Jane Damon from Chameleon-i
1:22pm Tuesday 27 January 2009

Chameleon-i is a leading web-based recruitment software solution for SME recruitment agencies worldwide. I spoke with Jane Damon from Chameleon-i about their software and plans for their new venture in recruitment website design. Recently they launched the new recruitment website for HSEQ One read more...

Was the NSW Government Job Board Hacked?
8:34pm Monday 26 January 2009

The news is currently reporting that the NSW Government's Job Board website has been hacked. The site is currently offline and undergoing security testing and maintenance. Am I surprised by the lack of security around job boards and recruitment websites? No, no, no!!! read more...

Spot the Difference
3:00pm Friday 23 January 2009

Let's play a game called Spot the Difference... Do you know any other stock images on recruitment websites? read more...

Identity Theft on Social Networking Sites
1:06pm Friday 23 January 2009

Identity theft is becoming a serious problems across the world, and with the innovation of technology, there are new ways to steal your identity being found every day. It is becoming harder and harder to protect yourself from this crime and ensuring your personal data is safe is becoming a constant struggle. You wouldn't want to give your personal details to a complete stranger, but the reality is you are doing this every time you sign up to a social networking site. read more...

Use of Flash Animations in Recruitment Sites
2:41pm Thursday 22 January 2009

Website designers are always trying to imbibe creative designing skills into the site in order to allure the customers. Flash applications in design makes a site better looking, interactive and appealing. Their usage is done in various ways depending upon the design requirement. The idea is to make the website more customer friendly and enjoyable for them. read more...

Review of Oracle Recruiter
12:02am Thursday 22 January 2009

I met David Talamelli from Oracle (Principal Recruiter, Asia Pacific Region) back in Dec 2008 and we had quite an in-depth discussion about online recruitment, in-house recruitment as well as blogging and social networking. David runs the Oracle Corporation Recruitment Blog here and has asked me to critique the blog and provide advice taking it to the next level. read more...

Time Management - Tips to become more productive
4:56pm Wednesday 21 January 2009

Those people, who are using their time management skills effectively are found to be more creative and better performers. Whenever I meet with a client, not only am I trying to establish a good rapport with the person but also evaluating their time management skills. Time management is the "foundation" to getting organised, and staying organised. read more...

Recruitment Directory sells
8:22pm Tuesday 20 January 2009

Melbourne based company Recruitment Directory has sold the niche job board Local Council Jobs to Council Jobs for an undisclosed price. Local Council Jobs was set up in August 2008 to cater for job posting in the Local Government sector across Australia and New Zealand. It has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of jobs and career advice relating to this sector. read more...

Incorporating Web 2.0 into your Recruitment Strategy
11:25pm Monday 19 January 2009

What is Web 2.0? Many recruiters are still confused as to what Web 2.0 really is and how they can incorporate it into their recruitment process. Yet once recruiters understand the new Web 2.0 world, they can leverage emerging social media tools and gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive business world. So let's step back from a previous article I wrote on "Web 2.0 Recruitment Sites" and find out about the terms and application of these tools. read more...

Interview with Clayton Wehner from
4:57pm Monday 19 January 2009

In this current economic climate, running an online job board is a hard gig. I spoke with Clayton Wehner, Managing Director of about his transformation from working in a Recruitment Agency to operating a geographical niche job board. read more...

Monitoring your business or competitors using Google Alerts
8:18pm Sunday 18 January 2009

Google Alerts is a free service that sends search results directly to your email box or feed reader. Many people use Google Alerts to track keywords related to their business, their name, corporate identity or anything else that they might want to be notified of when a page using the keywords are spidered by Google. This kind of service is usually refered to as "Media Monitoring" and there are many different types of companies and products available in the market. read more...

From a Harvard Idea to the YouTube of Recruiting
5:53pm Sunday 18 January 2009

From a student/teacher conversation at Harvard University about "identifying top talent" emerged an intelligent online video services company that believes it can change the face of the Recruiting 2.0 industry. I spoke with Dane Disimino from iViioo about the benefits for both candidates and recruiters/employers using videos in the recruitment process (Dane is featured in the product video below) Plus a special offer for friends and clients of Recruitment Directory. read more...

Facebook Ad Credits
3:32pm Saturday 17 January 2009

Facebook have been nice enough to send through a number of advertising credits for friends and clients of Recruitment Directory. They have offered a $25 USD worth of advertising credits. Only new accounts created in the last 24 hours are eligible for the $25 USD offer. Enter coupon code: 6MYH-2RV3-2CE2-F63C or HPET-2FWW-4YEJ-X5K1 at checkout to redeem. Offer expires 31/3/2009. Please let me know if you are having any trouble with this offer. read more...

Interview with Simon Appleton from Workcircle
7:07pm Friday 16 January 2009

I first blogged about Workcircle in late Dec 2008 as they prepared to enter the Australian marketplace see related post here I spoke with Simon Appleton, CEO and Co-Founder of Workcircle to find out more information. read more...

Interview with Mike Wilkinson from HooJano
12:25am Friday 16 January 2009

HooJano is a new player in the referral marketplace which launched in partnership with MYOB earlier this week.  I spoke with CEO Mike Wilkinson about HooJano as well as asking his advice for other entrepreneurs read more...

Protecting Your Business Brand and Employment Issues
7:28pm Thursday 15 January 2009

All businesses invest a lot of time and money to create a brand that appeals to their customers and sets them apart from competitors. As a business becomes more successful, the importance of taking steps to avoid brand exploitation from competitors increases. I am not an expert on legal issues and with the number of layoffs and redundancies in the marketplace, we have asked the experts at LawLive to help us on these topics. read more...

Become an expert on your competitors
12:45am Thursday 15 January 2009

In business, having competitors goes with the territory. There’s almost always someone selling the same product or service you are selling, or at least trying to solve the same customer problem you solve. read more...

Email Marketing Tips for Recruiters
2:57pm Wednesday 14 January 2009

Email Marketing provides powerful solutions to businesses which save time, reduce expenses, increase efficiencies, and boost profits. Recruiters need to constantly adjust their campaigns in these market conditions and technology enhancements to stay ahead of the competition. read more...

Interview with Tim de Jardine from Hirewall
4:49pm Tuesday 13 January 2009

I was first introduced to Tim de Jardine and Hirewall through the "NZ Recruitment 2.0" online networking group and since then have built a good rapport with him. Hirewall is a new web-based hiring system for SME's. See previous blog article here I spoke with Tim de Jardine about his new venture. read more...

Job Site Traffic Jan 2009
2:54pm Tuesday 13 January 2009

I was talking to an owner of a national Recruitment Agency last night and he mentioned that applications have increased. Anyone know why? I am not going to regurgitate all the news articles and media reports on job losses around the world. But let’s look at some graphs and statistics on job site traffic. read more...

Is Just Be heading for the RIP list?
8:30pm Monday 12 January 2009

I was notified by a client of Just Be that the job board was offline in early Dec 2008. On inspection the whole sever; including email, was not working. We did tried sending a number of emails, as well as calling the office to find out what was wrong...but no responses. My first thoughts were that the site was undergoing a makeover or have left the building. But it soon appeared online again (early Jan 2009). read more...

Corporate Social Networking Trends
3:41pm Monday 12 January 2009

I read an interesting article about Corporate Social Networking Trends in Talent Management just before Christmas, and only just remembered I had the link saved in my folder. Score! read more...

The difference between a Video Interview and Video Resume
2:06pm Monday 12 January 2009

Lately I have heard recruiters talk about video resumes, including myself here but are you talking about the correct “video”. The most notable difference between video interviews and video resumes is who begins the video process. read more...

Integrated Social Media Solutions for Recruitment
1:26pm Monday 12 January 2009

A fellow twitter friend of mine Ryan Chartrand from the US has produced a short video & podcast on social networking and recruitment. Ryan's rants and ideas echo my own advice and consulting I am provide to clients. Create a strategy, integrate, target and socialise. read more...

Bluetooth Marketing for Career Expos/Job Fairs
1:54pm Friday 09 January 2009

Have you ever used bluetooth for marketing purposes? Nearly all mobile phones and laptops have bluetooth installed by default, and we use it to transfer images, ringtones, documents, connect to one another or to other hardware. Feb/March is always around the time Universities and organisations hold Career Expos or Job Fairs. But did you know you can use it as a marketing medium to attract candidates? read more...

Using SMS in Recruitment
9:54pm Thursday 08 January 2009

SMS is an important marketing medium, but has limited application in Recruitment/Job Search. Most of the messages you could send are transactional. The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign relies on the 3 pillars - planning, content and execution. In this blog post I have just summarised my thoughts and ideas into various groups - Uses in Recruitment, Advantages, Disadvantages, Measuring SMS, Questions to ask yourself before sending SMS, Tips and Common mistakes I hear from recruiters. read more...

2009 - Year of the Recruitment Videos
11:45am Thursday 08 January 2009

Many clients have asked me for my 2009 predictions, and I have been quite reluctant to give many at this stage. 2009 will see the rise of videos as well as other web 2.0 tools. Recruitment software and job posting providers will partner more with organisations, they will be gatekeeper as well as leaders in the industry. Consolidation and collaboration will increase dramatically. read more...

The real Job Genie
12:30pm Wednesday 07 January 2009

Protecting your brand identity is a must for any business. Last night while I was checking up on my own IP, I came across a new site logo and name which looks a bit familiar to a friend of ours 2vouch. read more...

10 tips to avoid PowerPoint disasters
9:55pm Tuesday 06 January 2009

I have been preparing my presentation for the Inspecht HR Futures Conference in late Feb. Oh my... that’s less than 2 months away. But I came across an interesting article on SmartCompany - 10 tips to avoid PowerPoint disasters read more...

Moving Domain Names
1:29pm Tuesday 06 January 2009

It's straight forward right? Change the website address, inform clients, generate as much buzz as possible, stock the printers with new stationery and copy and paste the website to the new domain name. Well, let’s just go over that last bit. read more...

Recruitment Agency Websites
9:58pm Monday 05 January 2009

In this ever competitive recruitment marketplace attracting the best candidates (and clients) is paramount to your company's continued success. Ask yourself these questions. read more...

Did I forget the job advert?
7:38pm Monday 05 January 2009

Someone forwarded this to me today. They say bad things happen in three's. 3rd mistake by Hippo in the past few weeks PS your test site is still online here whoops. Hey gen Y, g8 fkin jobs 4u, mad. aply now :) read more...

How much would you charge?
8:39pm Sunday 04 January 2009

I have been searching the internet looking to see if there are any Recruitment Agencies in Australia passing on any charges for advertising a role on social networks or using them as a database for clients. I have found an example (not that good) but still it's an example. read more...

Facebook Advertising - Part 2
1:58pm Saturday 03 January 2009

Following on from my previous post on Facebook Advertising Part 1 I have collected a number of adverts that are currently showing on Facebook related to recruitment. These are only a small example of adverts targeting my profile. read more...

Facebook Advertising - Part 1
1:32pm Saturday 03 January 2009

If you are like most online recruiters, then more than likely, you are concerned about how to grow traffic to your site and increase sales or placements. There are actually ways to do this that are easy and affordable. By simply taking advantage of the social networking site craze, you just might catapult your business to the next level. read more...

Web 2.0 Recruitment Sites
11:33am Saturday 03 January 2009

I am involved in online strategy for a number of recruitment businesses and they are finally starting to learn about web 2.0. The key difficulty here is actually agreeing a definition of what Web 2.0 actually means and what it might offer a recruiter. read more...

Destination Talent
7:38pm Friday 02 January 2009

Where is the best "Destination Talent" for outsourcing in the world? We discuss some of the hot countries for talent - Russia, Philippines, India, Ukraine, China & the Gulf. read more...

Google Adsense tips
1:26pm Friday 02 January 2009

Recently with the downturn in recruitment advertising, we are noticing various online recruitment sites using Google Adsense to fill up banner and white space. It is a small revenue generator from page impressions and ppc (pay per click) streams. LinkMe competitors take note... advertise your brand without them knowing read more...

Hungry for new staff
6:41pm Thursday 01 January 2009

Last night, while preparing for New Years celebrations, I ventured down to my friends local pizza shop in St Kilda East called Wise Guys (awesome pizza) and noticed they are looking for some new staff? Creative! I didn’t get a very good photo of the advert, but text is below. read more...