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Interview with Tim de Jardine from Hirewall

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:45pm Tuesday 13 January 2009    Print Article

I was first introduced to Tim de Jardine and Hirewall through the "NZ Recruitment 2.0" online networking group and since then have built a good rapport with him. Hirewall is a new web-based hiring system for SME's. See previous blog article here I spoke with Tim de Jardine about his new venture.

What is Hirewall?

Hirewall is a web-based hiring system that focuses on action to accelerate the hiring of new employees. It does this by using a workflow system to prompt and weight hiring decisions as they happen and drive the process forward. Hirewall encourages group collaboration, feedback and the establishment of common criteria when hiring.

Tell me about yourself, and your previous experience in the marketplace?

I have experience in recruitment, working on 100% commission basis only. This led me to see gaps in the marketplace. These gaps were companies that had no HR system or were disorganised while hiring. I have a background in Computer Science and have held various technical and sales positions.

How did the idea come about?

We identified trends in 2007 in the hiring industry that tended to plague companies who have a hard time finding candidates and companies, who did not want to use an agency; or pay for an expensive hiring system.  Hirewall is a summation of these ideas.

What makes Hirewall different from other ATS's?

Hirewall is focused on action. Our methodology is not about collecting candidate and procrastinating or about over analyzing things. It's about action! We believe that the ability to get that great candidate in front of a decision maker at rapid speed will trump other systems. It's all about acting and continuously moving forward.

What technology/web2.0 tools have you used in building Hirewall?

We use Microsoft 3.5, developed in C# using MSSQL Server 2005 using LINC.

What have been the biggest challenges in creating Hirewall so far?

Making a system that does not sacrifice simplicity for software features and bloat.  We cut out all the stuff that people do not want to see or that doesn’t help them make decisions and act with speed.

Is the "global financial crisis" affecting your business?

It is too soon to see any sort of impact on Hirewall. We generally don't pay attention to events like this.

What is the most important lesson in business you have learnt so far?

When using outsourcers, be very careful who you choose and how you use them. We had a bad experience with outsourcers for a very small part of Hirewall that ultimately delayed the release of Hirewall beta by a month.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Build a web presence and have several iterations and refinement of Hirewall. We want to establish ourselves as a leading player for SME hiring systems. Companies that may not necessarily have had a hiring system before and want a reliable, easy to use, value for money solution will be our target market.

If you were offered $100,000 by an investor, how would the money be spent?

Sales and marketing - the most important determining factor for our success will be the establishment of partner sales channels.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Follow your dreams, do not doubt yourself and never give up.  Most of the time; if you have a gut feeling about something, you are right.

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