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Use of Flash Animations in Recruitment Sites

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:41pm Thursday 22 January 2009    Print Article

Website designers are always trying to imbibe creative designing skills into the site in order to allure the customers. Flash applications in design makes a site better looking, interactive and appealing. Their usage is done in various ways depending upon the design requirement. The idea is to make the website more customer friendly and enjoyable for them.

It's use in a website should be done in balance, too much of its use that give glossy look resulting in negative effect on the user. In online games creation, use of Flash has become a common factor.

Graphic designers prefer Flash website design as it strengthens their hold on the site and add zingy animation features to it. This concept is also useful for application users were applications can be created without re-creating them. Content copyright can be guarded through Flash website designs through embedded fonts that protect content.

Sometimes Flash based websites face problems in search engine rankings, poor sEO, web interfaces, etc. To eradicate this problem site developers have now started keeping alternate content especially for web browsers that do not abide with flash.

For recruitment websites it can make better communication with the jobseekers/clients making job searching pleasurable and a convenient experience. Do not overdo the flash and take a balanced approach in its usage. Such websites have the power to allure the users and bring them to your website thereby increasing the chances of good business.

The most common use of Flash is animating the logo/header. Other ways of using it include rotating scripts, games, e-cards, graphs, etc. Let's look at some real examples of Flash use in recruitment sites.

Jobadder is my favourite flash animation at the moment. Have a watch of the header on their site.

GXYSEARCH have incoroprated flash animations as buttons on the home page.

LiveSalary have used flash animations in both the LiveSalary logo and animated the graph salary data.

PortCareers have used various flash animations in the header.

SEEK created a flash 2008 chrismas game/e-card has various applications of flash incorporated through the website.

Hippo has used flash to animate the twitter feed, as well as banner adverts are flash.

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 Thomas Shaw (3:27pm Thursday 22 January 2009)

I forgot to mention the career site "Eat Your Own Dog Food" see my previous post here

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