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Email Marketing Tips for Recruiters

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:57pm Wednesday 14 January 2009    Print Article

Email Marketing provides powerful solutions to businesses which save time, reduce expenses, increase efficiencies, and boost profits. Recruiters need to constantly adjust their campaigns in these market conditions and technology enhancements to stay ahead of the competition.

Coinciding with SEEK's updated website design; they have recently updated the daily "Job Mail" sent to subscribers. The email design has been updated and provides a fresh and clean display. The emails have now been optimized for mobile devices such as the iphone.

When composing your own campaigns, you need to keep in mind some points to make your emails look more professional. Here are some tips on how you can maximize the results from your emails.

Email is a low cost marketing tool - Try something new or different in 2009. If you did email marketing in 2008, challenge yourself to do something different in 2009, like embedding video, podcasts or some new and exciting promotional offers. Always challenge yourself to be even more creative with your emails.

Graphics are excellent tools to use in email marketing. They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words and this is one hundred percent true. A picture could create an instant attraction point whereby you could get the information you are providing easily absorbed by your clients or candidates; could inspire the client or client to work with you, and so on.

Be formal, but personal with your e-mail material. Refrain from using chat lingo. Chat lingo may be cool to people who do chat all the time, but try to remember that the email marketing you are sending out is trying to project not only your product but the image of your company as well.

Make sure you are brand compliant. If you changed anything about your company logo or brand, make sure all of your marketing designs, including emails, now include your updated corporate look. Consistency is important

Measure results - Tools are available that accurately measure click-through rate, conversion rate, how a person one arrived at your website, and more, to enable you to assess the success of different email campaigns.

Make sure your email list is up-to-date. Add any emails you need to include on the list and remove any that have unsubscribed from your previous emails. It is important to monitor and manage any bounced or failed email messages. Set time aside to look at the error reports of each message and unsubscribe if the email address is no longer active.

It is important when you send an email as a marketing tool to allow the reader the choice to unsubscribe. If your emails are informative and to the point, no reader would take the trouble to unsubscribe. However, besides the fact that this is standard legal requirement, this is also a very valid tip on how to effectively use email marketing.

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 capitaljobs (3:20pm Wednesday 14 January 2009)

 jackolan (5:32pm Wednesday 28 January 2009)

I agree, I am surprised at the number of recruitment agencies that still insist you go to their office and fill out a lot of forms.

These forms frequently contain questions that require you to go away and gather the appropriate information THEN bring back hard copies. Some supposedly top name agencies won't even let you fax or e-mail personal particulars because they still hand transcribe all the information on the form you just filled out, to their computer. One agency won't even let you have a copy of their registration form to take away and fill out properly [??].

Their interviewers are frequently young girls [under 25 ]. Tell you they destroy all your info after 6 months THEN quote this info when you show up 3 years later. An agency I will cross off my list for all time - KELLY'S INDUSTRIAL

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