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Facebook Advertising - Part 2

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:58pm Saturday 03 January 2009    Print Article

Following on from my previous post on Facebook Advertising Part 1 I have collected a number of adverts that are currently showing on Facebook related to recruitment. These are only a small example of adverts targeting my profile.

As you can see, attaching an image to the advert is very effective.

But it hasn't taken long for a number of scam adverts to appear on the site. The attached image on the right, the role looks too good to be true. It redirects you to a ebook which you have to purchase to find out how to make money.

Sounds a bit like the job adverts apearing on SEEK

Have you seen any other interesting examples of social recruitment advertising? I would be keen to hear from you.

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 capitaljobs (12:11am Sunday 04 January 2009)

We're going to give Facebook a try in 2009. We're a regional jobs board, so I expect that we'll be able to get fairly targeted results by only displaying ads in our geographical area (Canberra and surrounds). I think it would be tougher to get an ROI on a national scale.

I have noticed that Six Figures has been doing a lot of Facebook advertising - their ads have been ubiquitous every time I have been on Facebook. Kelly Magowan from Six Figures told me that they're getting a good return from their campaign, so we'll give it a go too.

Clayton Wehner

 Thomas Shaw (2:41pm Sunday 04 January 2009)

If you see any recruitment related adverts worth sharing, feel free to email them to me.

Facebook ads are said to have pinpoint accuracy when targeting certain demographics.

 Thomas Shaw (7:30pm Monday 05 January 2009)

Another example of a company using facebook's diy advertising platform.

Here is another "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Dodgy.

 Vikram Nair (11:46pm Wednesday 10 February 2010)

Not sure how to post a picture on here, but I have over 100 FB ad examples to share (that we used for our clients).

 Thomas Shaw (1:34am Thursday 11 February 2010)

Hi Vikram,

Great, love to see some examples from Canada. I will send you an email now. Cheers. Thomas

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