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Maximise the Value of Your Recruitment Database

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:24pm Friday 30 January 2009    Print Article

Recruitment Systems aims to make recruiters more effective through intuitive technology and great advice. Each week the recruiters and technology experts that make up their team and client-base will post some clear and simple tips to help you become a remarkable recruiter. I was recently quoted in the latest newsletter below on "Maximise the Value of Your Recruitment Database". You can sign up to the weekly free newsletter here

Working with recruiters across 20 countries, we have discovered that there is a lot of underutilised value in a recruiter's database. Effectively using your recruitment database is proven to lead to business growth. So we have compiled these 10 quick tips to help you maximise the value of your database.
  1. Keep your database onsite - in this uncertain economic climate you cannot afford to risk holding your data externally. Recently a US web-based professional photography hosting service closed down and 90% of their clients lost their very valuable intellectual property.
  2. Ask and record - ask the right questions to new candidates and clients and ensure this information is entered into your database completely and accurately.
  3. Garbage in, garbage out - all information management systems are only as good as the quality of information you enter into them.
  4. Segment and promote - a good Recruitment CRM will allow you to categorise your clients and candidates and then manage multi-channel promotions to engage or re-engage your existing contacts.
  5. Flag your “profit killers” - clients or candidates that waste your time should be flagged and avoided.
  6. Flag your platinum candidates - prioritise the candidates which you should stay into contact with over a longer period.
  7. Parse your CVs - To quickly and accurately process CVs, use a CV parsing system (such as CV Importer).
  8. Search your database first - ALWAYS check your database before posting to a job board. Search technologies such as ISYS make it very easy to find information but you will need to input sufficient information in the first place.
  9. Analyse your data - business intelligence applications can easily analyse your data and prepare reports to identify potential risks and new opportunities.
  10. Clean and update your data - Recruitment databases should be kept up-to-date and relevant. Recruiters will not value contact data if it is old and now inaccurate.

Thanks to Thomas Shaw, Ross Clennett and Jane Marshall for their contributions to these tips.

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