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From a Harvard Idea to the YouTube of Recruiting

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 5:53pm Sunday 18 January 2009    Print Article

From a student/teacher conversation at Harvard University about "identifying top talent" emerged an intelligent online video services company that believes it can change the face of the Recruiting 2.0 industry. I spoke with Dane Disimino from iViioo about the benefits for both candidates and recruiters/employers using videos in the recruitment process (Dane is featured in the product video below) Plus a special offer for friends and clients of Recruitment Directory.

What is iViioo?

We are a video technology company that empowers candidates and recruiters to find the best fit through our recently launched product iViioo Express.  Recruiters can get more interviews while saving time and money.  Look at the savings in travel alone.  It's a great time in our current downward economy for recruiters to find these candidates, and candidates can better show themselves through video - a picture is worth a thousand words.

How did it all begin?

iViioo has taken a very picturesque entrepreneurial journey deriving from a conversation at Harvard University between a student and a teacher. Psychology professor Dr. Myra S. White and one of her entrepreneurial students Vanessa were both interested in optimizing technology to identify talent within job candidates. 

Dr. White, is a behavioral science expert, in particular with candidate selection.  You can see her work in Behavior Science at Vanessa really went on to spread the idea which has emerged into utilizing a video platform to identify top candidates.  Meeting key teammates and investors as her career path has skyrocketed to the world's top companies, today's emergence of scalable video technology, and recruiting 2.0 have all paved the way for a team to be built around iViioo Inc. 

In short: iViioo is an intelligent online video services company.

What is your vision?

iViioo dreams to become the Youtube of the recruiting industry. Our brand will be synonymous with intelligent video interviews not only to individual recruiters and candidates but also within corporate, government, and university recruiting offices.  Candidates will love using iViioo because we're going to offer them feedback on how to improve their interviewing skills and give them free access.

Recruiters will love us because we want to liberate recruiters that are tied down by less intelligent screening options and wasted resources. We'll also be there for recruiters that are often on the go with mobile services becoming available in the future. Finally, we plan to help companies reach green targets by limiting travel and wasting unnecessary resources.

Recruiter Benefits

There is news that has added 15 million users in the past several months but also that Monsters earnings are declining because of budget restrictions in the industry. Sure this is simply supply and demand but we see a need for more cost efficient recruiting methods.  We need better ways to review candidates while finding the best match and video is the answer to that.  With iViioo Express, a recruiter can invite more candidates to record an unrehearsed video interview by simply sending them a link to an interview location. When the candidate finishes recording his or her unrehearsed video answers, the recruiter is notified. 

We want to emphasize that candidates cannot see the recruiters questions beforehand.  With this process, recruiters can scan more candidates videos using less resources. We like to say, "cut costs, not corners" and candidates can enjoy the ability to better present themselves. The cost-per-hire goes down, and recruiters can share the candidates videos with a team for collaborative reviews and ratings on a candidates skills.  With a telephone interview, a recruiter must either record the audio or take very good notes to share candidates skills easily with a team. 

What is the benefit for Candidates?

Candidates normally use resumes, post them on job sites, send them via email, and wait for responses.  With iViioo, a candidate is empowered to display the best performance of themselves as possible.  A text resume cannot demonstrate certain personal qualities like a video can.  And now that there is a growing pool of candidates globally, it is all the more important for candidates to differentiate themselves, as if they were a product in a package on a shelf.  And what's the best part is that we allow candidates to use iViioo for FREE.  Our goal is to not only match these candidates to the best employment opportunities, but also to provide them with feedback if they need it. 

If the candidate requests, we can provide him/her with a thorough analysis, as if we were recruiters because most of us have had a lot of experience in the job search process and are familiar with this routine. 

What is the benefit for organisations?

Companies using iViioo Enterprise will be able to manage their budget with no problem. By using iViioo, there's nothing to lose because of our free trial period. Also, our latest product iViioo Express was launched just in the past month and we have already been in discussions with Fortune 500's and companies across a variety of industries.  Companies will enjoy using iViioo - 40% savings can be expected.  These savings are achievable while also finding more top quality candidates to scan.

This inevitable technology will develop over time of course, but our team has come together with a vision for the future. We are thinking of solutions for recruiters on-the-go as we serve them through mobile technology options, companies meeting green targets as we serve them by reducing wasteful spending on travel, and HR software companies will be served as we work together to power their current solutions with our technology.

What do you offer?
  • iViioo Express - Recruiters easily set up interviews
  • Enterprise - End to end recruiting solution with video questionnaire to do better screening and process automation.  Candidates can use this tool for free to prepare for interviews.
  • Vmail - Video E-Mail Services. If recruiters have a question to ask they can use our Vmail services.

What are the technical features of iViioo?

iViioo uses Java, a video platform, Amazon server, flash, and our technology is very scalable.

What is your business model and differentiation?

  • FREE
  • Practice interview skills for free
  • Don't have to wait for scheduling
  • Flexible pricing and payment options available for corporate budgeting restrictions.
  • Unique web page for interviews, customizable
  • Security and Privacy Processing - for on the job candidates we have voice only available with options to hide your name

What offers would we like to mention?

Special offer for friends and clients of Recruitment Directory - if your clients or users sign up they get 2 months of unlimited interviews for free. Users should use the promotional code "AURecruitmentDirectory" Contact Dane for more information [email protected]

What opportunities do you see for the future of videos in recruitment?

Powering HR software is an opportunity. It's important for technology help effectively find top talent and candidates can better compete using our video services to promote themselves in a unique fashion. Also, with the downward economy, managers are being forced to make budget cut decisions. But iViioo can help to cut a budget without a decrease in return and value.  We feel we are here at just the right time.

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