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Is Just Be heading for the RIP list?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:30pm Monday 12 January 2009    Print Article

I was notified by a client of Just Be that the job board was offline in early Dec 2008. On inspection the whole sever; including email, was not working. We did tried sending a number of emails, as well as calling the office to find out what was wrong...but no responses. My first thoughts were that the site was undergoing a makeover or have left the building. But it soon appeared online again (early Jan 2009).

Just Be launched in Dec 2006 as the "first and only job search and career resource in Australia specifically designed for women". It received exemptions from the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act, allowing it to run an online job board specifically for women.

There are a number of errors in the search form and results pages (the right hand filter function is also broken), while the newest advert online is dated 28th Sep 2008.

But my main issue is that there are still no apologies or explanations to candidates or paying clients! Anyone know what's going on?

"Just Be is so much more than a job search website. It is a community, offering support, career information and advice to inspire and empower women in the workforce. By joining the Just Be community, you will be instantly connected with employers who take diversity seriously.

One of the reasons employers advertise with us is that they want to encourage more women to apply for roles, particularly in industries which, until now, have been largely dominated by men.

By switching to Just Be, you can connect with employers who really want to help you succeed, whether you are a new graduate or a career mother.

On our forums, you can seek expert career advice from female industry leaders, and chat with job seekers. You will also have access to the major women’s networks in Australia, and be informed of the latest news for women in the workforce.

So, whether you’re seeking employment, wanting to network, or just get in touch with other like-minded females, Just Be can help you strategically manage your career. Join other savvy, professional women and switch now to Just Be to take your career to where you want it to be!

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