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2009 - Year of the Recruitment Videos

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:45am Thursday 08 January 2009    Print Article

Many clients have asked me for my 2009 predictions, and I have been quite reluctant to give many at this stage. 2009 will see the rise of videos as well as other web 2.0 tools. Recruitment software and job posting providers will partner more with organisations, they will be gatekeeper as well as leaders in the industry. Consolidation and collaboration will increase dramatically.

There are many discussions going on behind closed doors which you would not be aware of. Job boards, talent providers, aggregators all in discussion about consolidation in the industry. We will see a number of these in the first half of 2009. The recruitment industry will open up and collaborate more with suppliers, competitors and the industry through online networking forums and the like.

Recruiters will struggle, and be slow to pick up on the web2.0 tools trend. But they will see the benefits from creating and using videos in their marketing campaigns especially now that anyone and everyone can view videos on line, and that more and more people are inclined to watch videos rather than read!

Few tips to creating videos for online recruitment
  • Target your audience
  • Engage with the audience
  • Be honest in your presentation
  • Integrate with the rest of your recruitment campaign
  • Short and sharp
  • Encourage feedback
However, simply posting your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace or other similar video sites would be utterly useless if you don't lead them directly to your own website. That is why it is essential that you put the URL in the descriptive box when posting your video. This way, when viewers can click on the URL, they will be instantly directed to your own website wherein you can further encourage them to apply for a job or subscribe to your newsletter..

Another essential item that you have to supply in posting your video is a keyword loaded description of your video, meaning it has must be composed of the essential as well as mainstream keywords. The keyword description that you put in for your video works similarly to an SEO, meaning that by typing in the keywords in the search engine, the search engine will directly lead the searcher to pages of search results, consisting of sites that use those keywords.

Search engines are the ones to recognize if the video or site is a relevant one. And what puts your video or site in a good spot is that many search engines must notice it. Thus, it is also advised that you submit your video to as many video hosting sites, blogs, podcasts, and other social bookmarking lists. This is called Social Media Optimization. By optimizing your online presence, it makes you more visible through searches within community websites as well as online communities. Other social network connectors include tags, bookmarks, RSS feeds, reviews, trackbacks, comments, and ratings. See my other blog post on SMO

Also see this article on "How to make your own recruitment video"

Below are some recruitment videos from a number of agencies and employers.

Retailworld Resourcing

Working at Google Sydney



Frontier Recruitment

FIT - Helath & Fitness Job Board

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency

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 Thomas Shaw (1:17pm Thursday 08 January 2009)

Further to my post. I don't believe that candidate resume videos will gain any momentum.

Employers will still rely on the written resume, and will use voip/streaming video/webcam or skype to conduct virtual interviews.

 anvilman (2:08pm Friday 19 June 2009)

You are 100% correct, video resumes will never work.

Video introductions however make an email 93% more effective. I suggest checking out that was just just launched in Australia as a recruiter specific tool. The interface is designed for best practice and is much less cumbersome and expensive than the other players trying to cover all the bases with video. Thanks and keep up the great blog and webinars!

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