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Google Adsense tips

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:26pm Friday 02 January 2009    Print Article

Recently with the downturn in recruitment advertising, we are noticing various online recruitment sites using Google Adsense to fill up banner and white space. It is a small revenue generator from page impressions and ppc (pay per click) streams. LinkMe competitors take note... advertise your brand without them knowing

If you donít want to use Google Adsense, there are various other sites such as Commission Monster (what Hippo and us have been using) or ClixGalore

But most people would not know that you should really block your competitors from advertising on your site. There is a function called "Competitive Ad Filter" someone should let LinkMe know about this feature. We are glad that Hippo decided to remove Google Adsense. Many aggregation sites use this as there main revenue generation eg and jSeeker

"The Competitive Ad Filter enables you to block specific ads, such as competitors' ads, from appearing on your pages."

So how dose Google decide what adverts are displayed on your site? Well you can choose what "streams" of ads you wish to show or Google will base it on your sites keywords.

Have a search here using keywords such as jobs, recruitment, employment to see what your competitors are doing and the ads that may be displayed.

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 capitaljobs (11:53pm Saturday 03 January 2009)

In addition to Commission Monster and ClixGalore, try DGM Media - They have a good range of advertisement inventory from some of Australia's bigger companies (Bigpond, Foxtel, ANZ, 3 Mobile, Apple, Dell etc).

I have always considered DGM to be the cream of the crop, followed by Commission Monster, with ClixGalore a distant third (basically anybody can set up an affiliate program on ClixGalore which means that there are a lot of trashy advertisers).

Remember though that displaying third party advertising on your website results in your visitorship being whisked away from your website....much better to have them transact on your own site than to direct them to another site for a fairly miniscule commission.

Clayton Wehner

 Thomas Shaw (2:39pm Sunday 04 January 2009)

Thanks CW, agree. ClixGalore is usually my last choice as well.

COGS is what JobX, CareerMums and CouncilJobs use.

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