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SEEK mobile

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 5:47pm Sunday 31 October 2010    Print Article

In what is shaping up to be a "battle for the mobile job seeker". SEEK has finally released the first stage of its mobile arsenal. The new SEEK mobile website is a very simple site that automatically detects and then redirects users who view the main site to the mobile version

The SEEK mobile site is less bulky than MyCareer's iPhone app, and is available on all mobile devices (NOT just limited to the iPhone like most other job boards and recruitment agencies).

Advertisers with Premium and StandOut job ads are not forgotten. Premium job ads really STAND OUT at the top of search results.

The site has all the standard bells and whistle functions/features of other mobile job sites including..
  • Job seekers can register or login to their existing SEEK account.
  • Users can save (shortlist) jobs and searches to their SEEK account and apply at a later stage via the main website.
  • Ability to forward jobs to a friend
  • Switch from mobile to the standard site at any time (vice verca)


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How to make job searching cool

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:37am Wednesday 13 October 2010    Print Article

Add 2 cups of creativity, a message, a few "below the line" suggestions and target the correct audience. Don't you just love the creativity of marketing agencies? Some people may find them a bit weird while others marvel at the creativity. Below are some of my other favourite job search videos (besides the Monster/CareerBuilder Superbowl ads). I can't remember this TV campaign from MyCareer ever going to air. Do you?

MyCareer HeadHunter

Sean Choolburra in ads promoting Indigenous Jobs Australia

MEGT Apprenticeships

CareerOne - Success as you see it

Shopping Trolley Mecanic - SEEK's If it exists campaign

JobX vs SEEK

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Android. What you need to know

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:00am Monday 11 October 2010    Print Article

I've been working on a few different Android Apps for clients over the past week and it's been quite interesting to learn how powerful the OS has become. You will be surprised to know that Google's Android mobile operating system is now the most popular OS among those who bought a new smartphone in the United States.

Android has overtaken Apple's iPhone iOS in market share. Data from Gartner reports the stunning rise of smartphone market share of 1.8% in 2nd Qtr 2009, to 17.2% in 2nd Qtr 2010.

Basically, Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and based on a modified version of the Linux kernel with apps built in Java. Many different phones and mobile devices use Android as their operating system including HCT, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Dell, etc.

Like the Apple Appstore, Google has its own "Android Market" allowing developers to publish their apps without any restrictions. Earlier this month, Google announced the Android Market will support selling of paid apps from Australia - great news for local developers wanting to sell their applications.

Apps are not restricted to the Market, you can freely distribure and download apps from any website, Bluetooth, MMS or via SD card. All you need is the installation file. It's no suprise that more users download free apps 64.3% compared with paids apps 35.7% so far.

But what does this mean for you as a Recruiter?

Yes, you could spend hundreds or even thousands creating a native app for the OS, but your energy should be focused on creating a mobile optimised website for all devices. From the mobile website you can then create app frames for these native devices.

Need help? Contact me.

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Australian Job Board Statistics - September 2010

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:16pm Monday 04 October 2010    Print Article

Australian Job Board Statistics measuring the total unique browsers during September 2010. Data source - Nielsen NetRatings. SEEK 4.128m, CareerOne 1.591m, MyCareer 1.323m

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It's becoming harder to find appropriate candidates

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 9:00am Tuesday 28 September 2010    Print Article

The latest RCSA Quarterly Business Manager Survey (Apr - Jun 2010) focused on a number of on-hire and contract employment questions. The survey notes that both business confidence and expectations of growth have eased since April. Growth has dropped from its historic high 1 point to 72.5 while members expect next quarter’s business volumes to drop to 7.9% compared with last round's level of 8.9%.

Another interesting point is the number of applicants for positions continues to drop, it is becoming harder to find appropriate candidates, there is a small decline in the level of skills available and a drop in appropriate attitudes. 

Nearly all respondent believe clients choose on-hired services to absorb demand peaks, 89% to cover short term employee leave and 70% to select potential hires.

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JobServe's Mobile Resume Search

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:00am Tuesday 28 September 2010    Print Article

October is set to be a ripper of a month with a number of BIG mobile product set to be released across the industry from a number of job boards and technology providers. I've been following the evolution of Jobserve mobile offerings for the past 12 months and the latest release is a mobile version of it's Resume Search service dubbed Jobserve Connect Headhunter.

  • Search for candidates - the search options are the same as the JobServe CV Search
  • Access candidate’s profile details including skills and CV. Email the CV to your email address
  • Access/Request candidates' contact details
  • Sending emails with candidates’ profile
  • Adding/Removing candidates’ profile to/from basket
  • Email/Purchase basket
  • View/Run/Delete search history (a feature not on the main site)
  • View/Run saved searches
  • Access purchased profiles
  • Access profiles that have been requested access to (not currently available on the main site)
  • View messages sent from JobServe

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Carey Eaton talking about "The Marketplace"

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:49pm Monday 27 September 2010    Print Article

Robert Half recently interviewed Carey Eaton, CIO at SEEK on the role (and career path) of a CIO. It's quite interesting to hear why SEEK is not a technology company and his views on the marketplace.

How do you think your industry will look in 10 years time?

The key thing for job hunting or any marketplace business is the idea you don’t miss out. People are always going to look for jobs, and they are always going to want to be in the place where there are the most opportunities so they don’t miss out. Having that marketplace is the key and I can't see any scenario where that marketplace world is going to disappear.

I do think the idea that the marketplace "is a website" is perhaps a limited view of that. Yes, you can see by the distribution of technology, the consumerisation of mobile, and those thoughts of things, but how you access the market is going to change. Whether it’s at a device level, or what sort of time you access it, or the form you access it - the marketplace of about how people look for jobs, or how employers look for talent that marketplace is always going to exist. The marketplace that has the most opportunity or the most people in it or the most options for employers is going to be the marketplace where everyone wants to be and so that’s very important. Whether that’s a technology thing.. I don’t think so. Technology will be important to that, but that marketplace will exist.

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IE9 Jump Lists

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:24pm Tuesday 21 September 2010    Print Article

Last week, Microsoft released a beta version of the new Internet Explorer called IE9. I am not a big fan of IE, but I actually can't contain my excitement over some of the new features.

Unfortunately you need to be running Windows 7 to take full advantage of the new features. If you are still using IE6, its time to upgrade!

Although a full release is a few months away and main stream adoption is a few years. The beta version not only includes greater HTML5 and web standard compliance, but also the ability to turn any website into an application on the Windows taskbar. Websites can be pinned to the taskbar, providing users with a one-click option to a their favorite websites. It also includes Windows 7’s jump lists; any website that supports them will provide a quick menu to its most popular webpage’s!

The code to make jump lists available is quite straightforward. A new meta tag called “msapplication-task” is available in IE9 which allows you to define the navigation for your pinned website.

This is great news for any website/online application to create useful quick links for the users.

In a blog post last week, Michael Kordahi looked at how Fairfax have rolled out the new feature across some of their sites. In the example below he pinned MyCareer to the task bar with the jump list showing previous searches and common tasks.

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I love RSS

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 3:19pm Wednesday 15 September 2010    Print Article

I really do love RSS feeds. We have written about the use of using RSS feeds in job searches and also creating your own RSS feed previously. RSS feeds save you TIME and increases PRODUCTIVITY. This presentation by David Swinney sums it all up.

  • RSS is a key part of social media
  • All job sites should have RSS job feeds
  • RSS feeds and automation can save you significant time

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Article Tags: rss xml rss feeds social media social recruiting rss job feeds

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2010 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:34pm Wednesday 15 September 2010    Print Article

Technology is moving at a rapid rate. Working out what will be the next big thing is a challenge for most. Should we invest now or wait for the technology to mature. Gartner's Hype Cycle Special Report for 2010 (PDF) consists of 75 individual Hype Cycle reports, each of which gives a snapshot perspective of a key area of IT or business.

Although most Recruiters are still working out how to effectively use their own database. Some recruiters are already utilizing cloud/SaaS services, Tablet PCs, Geolocation, etc.

User experience and interaction, including devices such as media tablets (iPads etc) and 3D flat-panel TVs and displays, and interaction styles such as gesture recognition and tangible user interfaces

Augmented reality, context and the real-world Web. Augmented reality is a hot topic in the mobile space, with platforms and services on iPhone and Android platforms, and it represents the next generation as location-aware applications move toward the plateau. Other elements such as 4G standard, sensor networks and context delivery architecture are evolving more slowly, but they will play a key role in expanding the impact of IT in the physical world.

Data-driven decisions. The quantity and variety of digital data continue to explode, along with the opportunities to analyze and gain insight from new sources such as location information and social media. The techniques themselves, such as predictive analytics, are relatively well established in many cases; the value resides in applying them in new applications such as social analytics and sentiment analysis.

Cloud-computing implications
. Cloud computing is just topping the peak, and private cloud computing is still rising. Cloud/Web platforms are also featured, along with mobile application stores, to acknowledge the growing interest in platforms for application development and delivery.

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