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JobServe's Mobile Resume Search

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:00am Tuesday 28 September 2010    Print Article

October is set to be a ripper of a month with a number of BIG mobile product set to be released across the industry from a number of job boards and technology providers. I've been following the evolution of Jobserve mobile offerings for the past 12 months and the latest release is a mobile version of it's Resume Search service dubbed Jobserve Connect Headhunter.

  • Search for candidates - the search options are the same as the JobServe CV Search
  • Access candidate’s profile details including skills and CV. Email the CV to your email address
  • Access/Request candidates' contact details
  • Sending emails with candidates’ profile
  • Adding/Removing candidates’ profile to/from basket
  • Email/Purchase basket
  • View/Run/Delete search history (a feature not on the main site)
  • View/Run saved searches
  • Access purchased profiles
  • Access profiles that have been requested access to (not currently available on the main site)
  • View messages sent from JobServe

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 robyn (11:40pm Monday 01 November 2010)

i had aussie resumes program back in early 2000's but i never got any updates and they have told me to ping off because i can't seem to comprehend why they didn't update me with emails to say their products were chaning/being upgraded.

can they do this to me - the problem i have is the old software is not supported by them any more and i can't update my old resume as i can't access the software on my comptuer.

if they can get away with telling me to piss off who can you suggest that is try with a resume program - one that i can add parts to and leave parts out that aren't relevant - if that makes sense - that is what i liked about the aussie resume - i could use sections and leave sections.

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