Android. What you need to know

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:00am Monday 11 October 2010

I've been working on a few different Android Apps for clients over the past week and it's been quite interesting to learn how powerful the OS has become. You will be surprised to know that Google's Android mobile operating system is now the most popular OS among those who bought a new smartphone in the United States.

Android has overtaken Apple's iPhone iOS in market share. Data from Gartner reports the stunning rise of smartphone market share of 1.8% in 2nd Qtr 2009, to 17.2% in 2nd Qtr 2010.

Basically, Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and based on a modified version of the Linux kernel with apps built in Java. Many different phones and mobile devices use Android as their operating system including HCT, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Dell, etc.

Like the Apple Appstore, Google has its own "Android Market" allowing developers to publish their apps without any restrictions. Earlier this month, Google announced the Android Market will support selling of paid apps from Australia - great news for local developers wanting to sell their applications.

Apps are not restricted to the Market, you can freely distribure and download apps from any website, Bluetooth, MMS or via SD card. All you need is the installation file. It's no suprise that more users download free apps 64.3% compared with paids apps 35.7% so far.

But what does this mean for you as a Recruiter?

Yes, you could spend hundreds or even thousands creating a native app for the OS, but your energy should be focused on creating a mobile optimised website for all devices. From the mobile website you can then create app frames for these native devices.

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