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Online Recruitment - UK Draft Code of Practice

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:30am Wednesday 23 February 2011    Print Article

A draft British standard for online recruitment has been released. As per the document, the standard gives recommendations for online recruitment and is applicable to all methods of candidate attraction, screening, storage and selection using internet-based technology up to the point of acceptance of offer. The standard codifies good practice for delivery of online recruitment (direct or outsourced) and identifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved. The standard seeks to encourage increased transparency and improvement of the candidate experience.

Social media is increasingly being used by organizations to build communities with forums, groups and networking opportunities. Whilst one aim of these communities might be communicating with potential employees, by also offering information for jobseekers, it is networking rather than online recruitment and as such social media is not covered in this code of practice.

You can view the draft documentation here on the surface these pointers looks very basic, but how many of you are actually adhering to them. In the section recommendations for online recruitment practice and process, the website owner should have a process in place and delegate responsibility within the organization to ensure:
  • that all vacancies advertised are live and accurate;
  • that contact information is easily available, relevant, up-to-date and details how the enquiry will be responded to;
  • that either the employer or the website owner acknowledges receipt of a candidate‚Äôs CV when applying for a role;
  • that candidate is informed of how the data provided will be used;
  • candidates are informed of the full process for storing their CV online and, where practicable, notified if their CV or personal details have been viewed or downloaded from or by a third party;
  • their websites have been developed in accordance with BS 8878; (Not sure what BS 8878 actually is...)
  • candidates are informed of their application status at each relevant stage of the process;
  • candidates are informed of any details regarding the storage of their CV, in the event of a unsuccessful application;
  • common industry jargon and acronyms are avoided in advertisements unless this is absolutely necessary for the role;
  • where possible, appropriate information is provided in each vacancy posting e.g. corporate recruitment guidelines, application process, application close dates, etc.;
  • when designing online recruitment strategy, consideration is given to the proper integration with other recruitment methods where appropriate, such as ATS or bespoke/internal recruitment systems so that end to end process works in harmony;
  • all personal data and CVs are stored in an appropriate manner and there is the ability to remove out-of-date information; and
  • they establish a complaints policy which is communicated to and accessible by candidates.
Pretty basic stuff.

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 Chris Marshall (3:11am Saturday 26 March 2011)

BS 8878 is a standard for ensuring that your website is accessible to people with disabilities, similar to the W3C accessibility guidelines. It covers how websites should be tested for accessibility and good practices like ensuring the markup can be parsed by screen readers, having alt tags and subtitles on videos. It also covers having an accessibility statement on your website.

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