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Destination Talent

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:38pm Friday 02 January 2009    Print Article

Where is the best "Destination Talent" for outsourcing in the world? We discuss some of the hot countries for talent - Russia, Philippines, India, Ukraine, China & the Gulf.


Many European countries are looking for an alternate option than India to outsource their work, Russia is considered to be the best location which provides with favorable opportunities to outsource work. It fascinates companies with its huge pool of high-tech and engineering talent shaped up by the finest education systems in the world. Russia provides a very strong home-grown IT sector that is receiving strong government support; it has both cultural and geographical proximity to the West; and it has a distinct cost of labor advantage. Some of the categories you can outsource your work such as data management, web application/design, content management, e-commerce, education, entertainment and software packaging, translation, design work, custom R&D and specialized testing.

The country has a highest number of programmers' population with its 250,000-strong software engineers - more scientists per capita than Britain, Germany, India, and France. Many US companies have placed R&D centers in Russia. Motorola, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, and Intel are the trendsetters.


Ukraine is becoming a next hot destination to outsource work, as the IT sector has seen a tremendous growth during the last five years. This is the reason it attracting number of corporate across the world. The IT products from Ukraine are much in demand among Western countries. The USA and Western Europe are the primarily import software development services from Ukraine. The culture, the lifestyle of Ukranian people is similar to Europeans, the location and the time difference between Ukraine and Western Europe is only one hour, which is very convenient for business communication and capturing attention of various European conglomerates.

A brief overview on some more facts about Ukraine:
  1. Literacy rate --98%
  2. Fastest growth rate in the Europe
  3. GDP growth is estimated 8%
  4. Industrial Growth is 6%
  5. Foreign direct received in $10 billion in
  6. Lowered unemployment rate
  7. Income increased by 21% and 18%
  8. Salary growth around 34%


The Philippines is quickly becoming the preferred destination for foreign investments around the world. In recent years many US and European jobs have flooded to these locations to outsource. The numbers of jobs are majorly from accounting, information technology, services and manufacturing positions. Many companies are finding it easy to deal with the talent from this location because of its English speaking abilities, high literacy rate, flexibility, easy to be trained and Cultural affinity makes it simple to outsource to this country.


India is cited to be a pioneer in providing outsourcing services to the world. It is one of the most preferred outsourcing locations among the companies globally. A number of benefits are making India the most alluring place to outsource such as quality of services, reduced operating cost, time zone advantage, high-end technology and best creative talent pool in the world.

India is considered to be the best marketplace to outsource projects in the areas of IT, software, telemarketing, BPO, finance, research and analysis etc.

It offers the highest number of English-speaking population, which is highly educated, talented, experienced, technically-trained and computer literate.

With support of Indian government, Indians have been able to build high-tech IT parks which are the best in technology and infrastructure. Along with this the government has even permitted 100% foreign equity. It also has the highest number of ISO-9000 software organizations. To give your organization a competitive advantage start planning to Outsource to India.


China is moving faster to become the next hotspot in outsourcing industry. Being known for its vast skilled resource pool and great economic capacity it is catching the eye of multinationals to outsource from around the world. It provides world class experts from technology sector in the world, talent from various businesses such as manufacturing, trade, investment outsourcing and much more. Thus, one can count on growing economic framework of China which could create a vibrant outsourcing environment making it the next IT source location for many conglomerates.

Increasing Technical Education: China is effectively working towards promoting its technical education. The numbers of radio and television universities have been initiated by the Chinese government. Around 400,000 professionals are currently working and the country produces somewhere between 50,000 to 1000,000 more every year.

Low-cost Labor: As compared to any other country china offers cheap labor. The availability of labor is available at half the prices than India.

Language advantage: In China, English language has attained the level of a second language. The Chinese government has made The National English proficiency test mandatory for B.A and M.A students.

Thus, one can count on growing economic framework of China which could create a vibrant outsourcing environment making it the next IT source location for many conglomerates.

Although the Internet is spreading in South Asia, the lack of infrastructure, antiquated legislations, language barriers and the high cost of Internet access are hampering growth. We can see that the South Asian IT infrastructure is facing problems, but the industry is trying to overcome it and keep its position as a favored outsourcing destination.

The Gulf

After India and china, UAE is all set to jump to the outsourcing brigade. It is rapidly expanding business, while attracting variety of outsourcing services to the region.

To start with Dubai, because of its location is considered to be an ideal outsourcing destination for companies around the world. It has the world's third largest deep water port and in close proximity to some of the world's largest oil reserves and producers. Dubai is better known for being friendly neighbor to the world by opening its door to the marketplace to bring profit to other businesses by conducting business.

In general, the Middle East offers vast resource pool of IT skills and also available at nominal prices. Oman and Bahrain are considered stronger in attracting other countries to outsource their business. Saudi Arabia, known for its largest IT market also has the potential to become an outsourcing hub in the near future. Countries like Abu Dhabi and Oman are also growing as strong outsourcing places whereas Jordan has been a significant outsourcing destination in the Middle East for centuries. It is one of the fastest growing and most modern amongst all countries of the region. Jordan is booming in the area of information technology in the region. Its competitive ICT industry appeals both foreign and local investments by producing more jobs and extensive overseas business opportunities. One more major reason cited for Middle Eastern countries is that they have higher internet accessing rate. The UAE tops in internet penetration, followed by Bahrain and Oman.

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Google Adsense tips

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:26pm Friday 02 January 2009    Print Article

Recently with the downturn in recruitment advertising, we are noticing various online recruitment sites using Google Adsense to fill up banner and white space. It is a small revenue generator from page impressions and ppc (pay per click) streams. LinkMe competitors take note... advertise your brand without them knowing

If you don’t want to use Google Adsense, there are various other sites such as Commission Monster (what Hippo and us have been using) or ClixGalore

But most people would not know that you should really block your competitors from advertising on your site. There is a function called "Competitive Ad Filter" someone should let LinkMe know about this feature. We are glad that Hippo decided to remove Google Adsense. Many aggregation sites use this as there main revenue generation eg and jSeeker

"The Competitive Ad Filter enables you to block specific ads, such as competitors' ads, from appearing on your pages."

So how dose Google decide what adverts are displayed on your site? Well you can choose what "streams" of ads you wish to show or Google will base it on your sites keywords.

Have a search here using keywords such as jobs, recruitment, employment to see what your competitors are doing and the ads that may be displayed.

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Hungry for new staff

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 6:41pm Thursday 01 January 2009    Print Article

Last night, while preparing for New Years celebrations, I ventured down to my friends local pizza shop in St Kilda East called Wise Guys (awesome pizza) and noticed they are looking for some new staff? Creative! I didn’t get a very good photo of the advert, but text is below.


We're looking for some extra crew to join out gang. Casual hours, good pay, great place, cool Boss.

Delivery Drivers - must have license
Cooks - must have all fingers on both hands
Kitchen Hand - must be good with a blade
Pizza Bashers - yepp
Cleaners - someone has to do it!!
Cement Shoe Maker - please include resume

Drop us a note, call the shop or come in and see us. Oh yeah... I forgot!

Pizza eaters - come in and buy one
Everyone else - take a look at our menu

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Eat Your Own Dog Food

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:33pm Tuesday 30 December 2008    Print Article

I know what you are thinking... what is with the title? Its actually the name of an employers career site Ireckon is an Information Services / Digital Agency who provide a wide range of products and services based on web technologies. Its certinaly a refreshing change from other boring career sites I have seen previously.

"So imagine if Dog Food companies made their staff eat their own dog food. Imagine how good that food would be! I can imagine it would be damn tasty, loads of different interesting flavours and likely, pretty healthy too!

Well, at ireckon, we want web people who know how that translates to what we do. We want designers and programmers who not only can do lines of design or code but can actually understand what they do and how it gets used.

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Merry Christmas

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:21am Thursday 25 December 2008    Print Article

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you have a great day.

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Sandwich Board = Job

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:57am Tuesday 23 December 2008    Print Article

A job seeker in NT resorted to using a sandwich board to get 3 new jobs in 45 mins. Although after accepting one offer, he failed to show the following day after injuring his back.

Brett Harris uses sandwich board to advertise for a job, Dec 23, 2008,27574,24836517-17001,00.html

"A DO-IT-YOURSELF job hunter has bypassed Centrelink by using a homemade sandwich board - scoring himself three jobs in 45 minutes.

Brett Harris, who is new to the Northern Territory, caught the eye of passing motori
sts earlier this month as he stood by a major highway wearing a sign painted with the words "NEED JOB", the Northern Territory News reported.

"Got three offers in 45 minutes - that's a job every 15 minutes," Mr Harris, 42, said.

He said this was the first time he'd resorted to roadside promotion, but it was preferable to signing up for the dole or joining job agencies.

"Going to these job centres is a waste of time ... I've never got a job from a job service. My way of thinking, if you're broke and you need some money, you get off your arse and work."

Things felt a little weird for Mr Harris as he first donned his handmade creation and stood at the intersection of Stuart Highway and Roystonea Ave, on the edge of Palmerston.

"I thought, 'this is a bit of a bloody stupid idea, Brett'. But then I saw drivers were giving me the thumbs up as they drove passed."

Three enterprising motorists pulled up and offered the ex-Queenslander jobs working as a yardie, digging trenches and mowing lawns - with a fourth offer coming a little later. Mr Harris leapt at the offer of digging trenches, agreeing to meet the man the next day at the same spot at 8.30am. But he said he hurt his back that afternoon helping a friend move concrete - and couldn't make the pick-up.

"I'm just spewing I've let this bloke down - he took the time to stop, he was going to offer me a job, but I didn't think about getting his number or name, and he didn't think about getting mine."

Mr Harris supplied his phone number to the Northern T
erritory News and he would like the man to give him a bell. Meanwhile he has a try-out stint at a local plant hire company in January.

"Pretty much (the board's) the way to go," he said.

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Workcircle launches Australian site

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 9:47pm Monday 22 December 2008    Print Article

Workcircle (UK based job aggregator) have just released an Australian portal site Workcircle is an international vertical job search engine, aggregating content from job boards, recruitment agencies and employer websites.

Currently they are only aggregating content from Jobg8 during this pre release phase, but will launch the full service in the New Year

Workcircle joins SimplyHired who also recently launched a country portal for Australia. See related post here -

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Jobx vs Seek videos

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:01pm Friday 19 December 2008    Print Article

JobX must be given credit for trying. I don’t actually remember ever seeing these videos, but a user has forwarded the link to share with everyone. The concept is based on the old Apple vs PC videos. Enjoy.

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What Thomas is reading - 19 Dec 2008

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:59am Friday 19 December 2008    Print Article

This week has been quite big for online recruitment. Most HR/Recruitment would not have even noticed the technology updates to job boards and a variety of small improvements across the major ATS's. In between playing with the updates and preparing for the full launch of Recruitment Directory. I have found a number of interesting documents on e-marketing and social networks which users may find interesting

Hirewall released a pdf called “What’s wrong with hiring? Hiring success for 2009

20 signs you don’t want that social media project

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Inspecht releases 21st Century Recruiting eBook

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:30pm Thursday 18 December 2008    Print Article

Inspecht has released the much anticipated 21st Century Recruiting eBook. Michael sent me a copy of the book earlier today and WOW was I impressed. The wealth of information contained in the book is relevant NOW! This is certainly one of those books you must have. If you had to source this information yourself it would cost more than $15 - online trends, social networking, social media strategies, online recruitment tools, etc.

"There are many ways to find the right candidate and like most things in life, some are more effective than others. Over the last 10 years, the process of finding candidates has moved from predominately print media to online. While this migration has been significant, the real changes have only just begun. With the Internet changing the way we work and communicate, how you find and engage with the workforce to identify the right candidate is also changing.

While anyone with an interest in recruiting will gain something from reading this eBook, the target audience is the internal corporate recruiter, HR manager or even the hiring manager. The purpose of this eBook is to help you navigate the world of recruiting in the 21st Century (C21). By the time we are done you should know:
  • Some of the key trends in recruitment
  • Where candidates can be hiding
  • How to engage with candidates and get them to want to work for your organisation
  • How to use free tools to identify potential applicants
  • To which aspects of social media you should be paying attention"
Michael has also provided a abstract of the book which you can download for free from and more information

Don't forget to register for the Inspecht HR Futures Conference 2009 which I will be presenting at. More details here

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