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Inspecht releases 21st Century Recruiting eBook

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:30pm Thursday 18 December 2008    Print Article

Inspecht has released the much anticipated 21st Century Recruiting eBook. Michael sent me a copy of the book earlier today and WOW was I impressed. The wealth of information contained in the book is relevant NOW! This is certainly one of those books you must have. If you had to source this information yourself it would cost more than $15 - online trends, social networking, social media strategies, online recruitment tools, etc.

"There are many ways to find the right candidate and like most things in life, some are more effective than others. Over the last 10 years, the process of finding candidates has moved from predominately print media to online. While this migration has been significant, the real changes have only just begun. With the Internet changing the way we work and communicate, how you find and engage with the workforce to identify the right candidate is also changing.

While anyone with an interest in recruiting will gain something from reading this eBook, the target audience is the internal corporate recruiter, HR manager or even the hiring manager. The purpose of this eBook is to help you navigate the world of recruiting in the 21st Century (C21). By the time we are done you should know:
  • Some of the key trends in recruitment
  • Where candidates can be hiding
  • How to engage with candidates and get them to want to work for your organisation
  • How to use free tools to identify potential applicants
  • To which aspects of social media you should be paying attention"
Michael has also provided a abstract of the book which you can download for free from and more information

Don't forget to register for the Inspecht HR Futures Conference 2009 which I will be presenting at. More details here

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