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No one wants to follow your Recruitment Agency on Twitter

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:00pm Thursday 08 October 2009    Print Article

I had an interesting call from a Recruiter today. He was complaining about the fact that no one wants to follow his Recruitment Agency on Twitter. I spent some time talking about the ways you can use Twitter in the Recruitment process. But he didn't care.

We talked about creating a social recruiting strategy to interact with the users. He didn't care.

This is not an unusual situation I find myself in. Nearly all Recruiters I talk with about using some type of social media for recruitment just want to post job adverts and wait for candidates to apply (post and pray).

Well, there is already a service you use for that. It's called a job board.

Only posting job adverts to Twitter is just not good enough. There is no conversation or engagement between you and your users.

These Twitter feeds tend to create a lot of noise and frankly, waste the users time scrolling through all the latest jobs that are not relevant to them.

It's not that people don't want to follow you. You just have nothing interesting to add to the conversation.

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 citirecruit (1:23pm Monday 12 October 2009)

I slightly disagree - it depends what you say you're trying to do / say on Twitter. We don't hide the fact that we 'only' post jobs on Twitter - and say this in all our emails i.e "follow our job listings on twitter". Therefore we openly say use our twitter page just for the newest jobs and thats that.

I think the issue is when people try and post 'filler' material on twitter then posts a few jobs, more filler content then another 5 jobs - its confusing to the reader. I think a recruiter can use it as a pseudo jobboard - therefore only the people who want to know about your jobs will use it and not expect anything else.

If you want 'followers' then of course the recruiter should not post any jobs and instead stick to posting interesting info on the job market perhaps.

Furthermore in the background image they could upload a picture each week with the latest jobs listed so that the follows can see the jobs on your profile while reading your content.


 Thomas Shaw (3:42pm Monday 12 October 2009)

Hi Steve. Posting jobs to Twitter via RSS/Feedburner or API will submit them in a group (1-5) every 30 mins and if you are following a few accounts, your stream can fill up very fast.

Who looks at a users profile? (I wanted to back this up with some statistics but I am at a loss to find any :P )

 Bree Mitchelson (5:15pm Wednesday 23 December 2009)

We advocate that our clients consider Twitter as part of a broader branding, candidate engagement and online sourcing strategies but in the fields which we predominantly work the 'candidates' are not using twitter in a feasible quantity to make twitter a valuable 'recruitment tool'.

 Andy Stevens (8:16pm Monday 08 February 2010)

I agree with Steve in that as long as the user is aware that the account is a jobs feed, then you are good to go.

We have a general Twitter account, @Prospects, through which we engage in conversations and provide useful info. We have two seperate accounts, @Prospectscourse and @Prospectsjobs, through which we run our RSS course and job feeds.

As an agency you may wish to create seperate accounts for each sector, and a general account to provide CV and general employment info.

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