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Adding keyword tags to your job adverts

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 9:26pm Sunday 26 April 2009    Print Article

Most recruiters would be unaware about this little tweak you can add into your job adverts. By adding a list of keywords, it can slightly improve the search results position. Is this true...? We will never know all the secrets to the complex search algorithm used by the job boards.

The search engine ranks the results by calculating the keyword weighing (number of times it has been used), keyword placement and other variables. Additional keywords may be inserted at the end of the ad; they need not appear in the ad copy.

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 mspecht (7:56am Monday 27 April 2009)

Thomas while yes you will get slightly better search results by just listing keywords. You need to do a bit more to get real return on keywords in your jobs. Search engines look at lots of attributes. If a recruiter wants their jobs to appear high in Google search rankings then a complete SEO campaign is needed.

 careyeaton (9:45am Monday 27 April 2009)

A lot of advertisers are aware of this but there are some negatives with this.

Firstly, a number of advertisers post an entire dictionary there to try manipulate it so their ad appears in as many searches as possible. This is a very short sighted strategy because the ad appears in front as as many irrelevant candidates as possible.

Secondly, its all very well to be found by a search engine but what impression are you creating for jobseekers? Choose between desperation or manipulation. Not great for your brand in either case.

Thirdly, on most Australian job boards, keyword-only google-style searching is not even near the way that most jobseekers search. So this tactic might get your ad up in front of a minority of searchers or whom most might be irrelevant - not the best strategy to attract both quality and quantity.

The last point is that yes, it does manipulate the search engines to try give an advertiser a competitive advantage over other advertisers. At SEEK, we're trying to offer an even access to everyone so that's why we have rules about this sort of thing, and built in aspects of our search engine that penalises rigging or keyword stacking behaviour.

If we allowed this, then everyone would simply add the entire dictionary to their ads and destroy the market for everyone else.

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