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Destination Talent
7:38pm Friday 02 January 2009

Where is the best "Destination Talent" for outsourcing in the world? We discuss some of the hot countries for talent - Russia, Philippines, India, Ukraine, China & the Gulf. read more...

Google Adsense tips
1:26pm Friday 02 January 2009

Recently with the downturn in recruitment advertising, we are noticing various online recruitment sites using Google Adsense to fill up banner and white space. It is a small revenue generator from page impressions and ppc (pay per click) streams. LinkMe competitors take note... advertise your brand without them knowing read more...

Hungry for new staff
6:41pm Thursday 01 January 2009

Last night, while preparing for New Years celebrations, I ventured down to my friends local pizza shop in St Kilda East called Wise Guys (awesome pizza) and noticed they are looking for some new staff? Creative! I didn’t get a very good photo of the advert, but text is below. read more...

Eat Your Own Dog Food
4:33pm Tuesday 30 December 2008

I know what you are thinking... what is with the title? Its actually the name of an employers career site Ireckon is an Information Services / Digital Agency who provide a wide range of products and services based on web technologies. Its certinaly a refreshing change from other boring career sites I have seen previously. read more...

Merry Christmas
10:21am Thursday 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you have a great day. read more...

Sandwich Board = Job
10:57am Tuesday 23 December 2008

A job seeker in NT resorted to using a sandwich board to get 3 new jobs in 45 mins. Although after accepting one offer, he failed to show the following day after injuring his back. read more...

Workcircle launches Australian site
9:47pm Monday 22 December 2008

Workcircle (UK based job aggregator) have just released an Australian portal site Workcircle is an international vertical job search engine, aggregating content from job boards, recruitment agencies and employer websites. Currently they are only aggregating content from Jobg8 during this pre release phase, but will launch the full service in the New Year read more...

Jobx vs Seek videos
2:01pm Friday 19 December 2008

JobX must be given credit for trying. I don’t actually remember ever seeing these videos, but a user has forwarded the link to share with everyone. The concept is based on the old Apple vs PC videos. Enjoy. read more...

What Thomas is reading - 19 Dec 2008
12:59am Friday 19 December 2008

This week has been quite big for online recruitment. Most HR/Recruitment would not have even noticed the technology updates to job boards and a variety of small improvements across the major ATS's. In between playing with the updates and preparing for the full launch of Recruitment Directory. I have found a number of interesting documents on e-marketing and social networks which users may find interesting read more...

Inspecht releases 21st Century Recruiting eBook
4:30pm Thursday 18 December 2008

Inspecht has released the much anticipated 21st Century Recruiting eBook. Michael sent me a copy of the book earlier today and WOW was I impressed. The wealth of information contained in the book is relevant NOW! This is certainly one of those books you must have. If you had to source this information yourself it would cost more than $15 - online trends, social networking, social media strategies, online recruitment tools, etc. read more...

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