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Hide recruiter job adverts? No thanks
1:29pm Thursday 18 December 2008

Hippo sneaked in this update to the search function about a month ago. You can exclude adverts from recruiters and your advert is highlighted in the search results. I will let readers and the recruitment industry make up their own mind about this and I believe this will turn off recruitment agencies from advertising on Hippo. What do you think? Recruitment Agency Discrimination? read more...

Hirewall beta release
12:10am Thursday 18 December 2008

Hirewall is a new web-based hiring system for SME's and is currently inviting organisations for Beta release testing. Based in NZ and run by Tim de Jardine - Tech Guru, Entrepreneur, ex Recruitment. (I think I have found a brother). He created Hirewall to provide SME's a non-bloated hiring system that will meet there needs. read more...

New SEEK website design released
11:13pm Tuesday 16 December 2008

SEEK has released its long awaited new home page design and some site updates. Most notable is the horizontal search bar, and the web2.0 look. Kudos to the UX team who have delivered a rich and fresh design. Well done Carey & Team read more...

Concept testing iphone recruitment apps
4:00pm Tuesday 16 December 2008

I am very fortunate enough to be informed daily about new products, innovations and technology from job boards, recruitment agencies and ATS providers - some of that information can be publically talked about, but most (approx 80%) can't be divulged due to various confidentiality agreements. Today I was sent a number of screen shots of an iphone recruitment application in concept development for a [company] in the Australian market. It was very flash, web2.0... but I am not really sure if it will take off (10,000 apps already created for the iphone) read more...

Secure your website!!!
8:00pm Monday 15 December 2008

How many times do you have to tell people that your website MUST BE SECURE?? I have reported this previously to the owner of this leading Recruitment Agency, but it has STILL not been fixed. LISTEN...this is very important and MUST be a top priority, no matter what the cost is. Not only is your directory listings turned on, but you have exposed your server and databases username/password!!! read more...

This job has been sourced from...
9:00am Monday 15 December 2008

Strange behaviour is starting to emerge from niche job boards. Who would have thought we would see the day when a job board states that a job has been sourced from another job board? This example below is one of 100 or more jobs currently appearing on Teen Jobs sourced from JobsJobsJobs read more...

Sydney Talent - Experience is the difference
9:00am Sunday 14 December 2008

A new initative launched by the University of Sydney aims to bridge the gap between university studies and employment I am impressed by the marketing documents, clear and easy to use website as well as reasons behind forging industry and academic relationships. read more...

Saturday fun - Wordle yourself
9:00am Saturday 13 December 2008

This site has been around for a while, but I decided to give it a go on my blog read more...

Communication within the HR community
5:34pm Friday 12 December 2008

There are 2 main HR community forums in Australia - HR Buzz and AHRI's HR Connect These forums are a great chance to have your say on subjects, or talk about a problem you are facing.  I have used both forums in the past, and would recommend users to try both. AHRI's is very limited - as there are no "social" functions for profiles, connecting users, email follow ups etc. Where as, HR Buzz is a community driven site built on a forum platform with integrated social tools. read more...

Job Board Updates - MyCareer jobs on CareerOne
11:00am Friday 12 December 2008

It must be a very hard time for the job board industry at the moment. I don't want to focus or pick on just one job board, it's just the industry needs a bit of cleaning up. So this week... Hippo are advertising for staff on SEEK, unconfirmed closure of JustBe, free job adverts at RecruitMeNow, 2 for 1 deals at JobServe, restructure at MyCareer. Eeeekkkk.... here is another soft kick for the staff at MyCareer moving from Melbourne to Sydney. read more...

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