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2009 - Year of the Recruitment Videos
11:45am Thursday 08 January 2009

Many clients have asked me for my 2009 predictions, and I have been quite reluctant to give many at this stage. 2009 will see the rise of videos as well as other web 2.0 tools. Recruitment software and job posting providers will partner more with organisations, they will be gatekeeper as well as leaders in the industry. Consolidation and collaboration will increase dramatically. read more...

The real Job Genie
12:30pm Wednesday 07 January 2009

Protecting your brand identity is a must for any business. Last night while I was checking up on my own IP, I came across a new site logo and name which looks a bit familiar to a friend of ours 2vouch. read more...

10 tips to avoid PowerPoint disasters
9:55pm Tuesday 06 January 2009

I have been preparing my presentation for the Inspecht HR Futures Conference in late Feb. Oh my... that’s less than 2 months away. But I came across an interesting article on SmartCompany - 10 tips to avoid PowerPoint disasters read more...

Moving Domain Names
1:29pm Tuesday 06 January 2009

It's straight forward right? Change the website address, inform clients, generate as much buzz as possible, stock the printers with new stationery and copy and paste the website to the new domain name. Well, let’s just go over that last bit. read more...

Recruitment Agency Websites
9:58pm Monday 05 January 2009

In this ever competitive recruitment marketplace attracting the best candidates (and clients) is paramount to your company's continued success. Ask yourself these questions. read more...

Did I forget the job advert?
7:38pm Monday 05 January 2009

Someone forwarded this to me today. They say bad things happen in three's. 3rd mistake by Hippo in the past few weeks PS your test site is still online here whoops. Hey gen Y, g8 fkin jobs 4u, mad. aply now :) read more...

How much would you charge?
8:39pm Sunday 04 January 2009

I have been searching the internet looking to see if there are any Recruitment Agencies in Australia passing on any charges for advertising a role on social networks or using them as a database for clients. I have found an example (not that good) but still it's an example. read more...

Facebook Advertising - Part 2
1:58pm Saturday 03 January 2009

Following on from my previous post on Facebook Advertising Part 1 I have collected a number of adverts that are currently showing on Facebook related to recruitment. These are only a small example of adverts targeting my profile. read more...

Facebook Advertising - Part 1
1:32pm Saturday 03 January 2009

If you are like most online recruiters, then more than likely, you are concerned about how to grow traffic to your site and increase sales or placements. There are actually ways to do this that are easy and affordable. By simply taking advantage of the social networking site craze, you just might catapult your business to the next level. read more...

Web 2.0 Recruitment Sites
11:33am Saturday 03 January 2009

I am involved in online strategy for a number of recruitment businesses and they are finally starting to learn about web 2.0. The key difficulty here is actually agreeing a definition of what Web 2.0 actually means and what it might offer a recruiter. read more...

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