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Become an expert on your competitors
12:45am Thursday 15 January 2009

In business, having competitors goes with the territory. There’s almost always someone selling the same product or service you are selling, or at least trying to solve the same customer problem you solve. read more...

Email Marketing Tips for Recruiters
2:57pm Wednesday 14 January 2009

Email Marketing provides powerful solutions to businesses which save time, reduce expenses, increase efficiencies, and boost profits. Recruiters need to constantly adjust their campaigns in these market conditions and technology enhancements to stay ahead of the competition. read more...

Interview with Tim de Jardine from Hirewall
4:49pm Tuesday 13 January 2009

I was first introduced to Tim de Jardine and Hirewall through the "NZ Recruitment 2.0" online networking group and since then have built a good rapport with him. Hirewall is a new web-based hiring system for SME's. See previous blog article here I spoke with Tim de Jardine about his new venture. read more...

Job Site Traffic Jan 2009
2:54pm Tuesday 13 January 2009

I was talking to an owner of a national Recruitment Agency last night and he mentioned that applications have increased. Anyone know why? I am not going to regurgitate all the news articles and media reports on job losses around the world. But let’s look at some graphs and statistics on job site traffic. read more...

Is Just Be heading for the RIP list?
8:30pm Monday 12 January 2009

I was notified by a client of Just Be that the job board was offline in early Dec 2008. On inspection the whole sever; including email, was not working. We did tried sending a number of emails, as well as calling the office to find out what was wrong...but no responses. My first thoughts were that the site was undergoing a makeover or have left the building. But it soon appeared online again (early Jan 2009). read more...

Corporate Social Networking Trends
3:41pm Monday 12 January 2009

I read an interesting article about Corporate Social Networking Trends in Talent Management just before Christmas, and only just remembered I had the link saved in my folder. Score! read more...

The difference between a Video Interview and Video Resume
2:06pm Monday 12 January 2009

Lately I have heard recruiters talk about video resumes, including myself here but are you talking about the correct “video”. The most notable difference between video interviews and video resumes is who begins the video process. read more...

Integrated Social Media Solutions for Recruitment
1:26pm Monday 12 January 2009

A fellow twitter friend of mine Ryan Chartrand from the US has produced a short video & podcast on social networking and recruitment. Ryan's rants and ideas echo my own advice and consulting I am provide to clients. Create a strategy, integrate, target and socialise. read more...

Bluetooth Marketing for Career Expos/Job Fairs
1:54pm Friday 09 January 2009

Have you ever used bluetooth for marketing purposes? Nearly all mobile phones and laptops have bluetooth installed by default, and we use it to transfer images, ringtones, documents, connect to one another or to other hardware. Feb/March is always around the time Universities and organisations hold Career Expos or Job Fairs. But did you know you can use it as a marketing medium to attract candidates? read more...

Using SMS in Recruitment
9:54pm Thursday 08 January 2009

SMS is an important marketing medium, but has limited application in Recruitment/Job Search. Most of the messages you could send are transactional. The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign relies on the 3 pillars - planning, content and execution. In this blog post I have just summarised my thoughts and ideas into various groups - Uses in Recruitment, Advantages, Disadvantages, Measuring SMS, Questions to ask yourself before sending SMS, Tips and Common mistakes I hear from recruiters. read more...

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