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What is an Applicant Tracking System? Who are the main providers?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:37pm Tuesday 25 November 2008    Print Article

What is an Application Tracking System (ATS) ? You may have heard the ATS called many different things such as a “Recruitment Database System”, “e-recruitment System”, "Jobmatch", "Talent Management System" etc. For the purpose of this post, I will refer to it as simply an ATS. If I have left any sites or products out, please contact me or leave a comment.

“An application tracking system (ATS) also called a candidate management system (CMS), is a software application designed to help an enterprise recruit employees more efficiently. An ATS can be used to post job openings on a corporate website or job board, screen resumes and generate interview requests to potential candidates by email. Other features may include individual applicant tracking, requisition tracking, automated resume ranking, customised input forms, pre-screening questions and response tracking, and multilingual capabilities.”

You could also read the definition on Wikipedia

So you have read the definition, but what dose it means to the average Recruitment Consultant?

An ATS is a system that allows you to manage your workflow in an online capacity. It removes (most) the heavy administrational burden of recruitment and automates the tasks – from acknowledgement letters, job advert postings through to an interview performance and psychometric testing. There are many different products and providers on the market – one size dose not fit all.

What are some benefits of using ATS’s
  • Speed up the recruitment cycle
  • Cost benefits
  • Quality improvements
  • Candidate Management
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Automation of administration heavy tasks
  • Integration with other productivity software

ATS Providers in Australia
If I have left any sites or products out, please contact me or leave a comment.

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 Simon (2:26pm Monday 09 November 2009)

QJumpers offers an ATS free with any of its recruitment services. I think that it might well fit into your list above.

 Andrew Turnbull (6:13pm Monday 09 November 2009) have Launched "Talent Pool" ATS

 Julia (12:40am Saturday 23 January 2010)

myStaffingPro is an applicant tracking system with over 10 years of experience in the SaaS market. myStaffingPro currently supports over 500 customers from a variety of industries.

 Adam Crow (12:10am Tuesday 26 January 2010)

DC123 is about to launch our new ATS/CRM system. We are currently migrating the 1.5 Million Australian resumes that are held in the old Digital88 Opus system.

 First Choice (10:24pm Thursday 16 September 2010)

First Choice Software have been supplying recruitment software for years, and are one of the top suppliers of software for years. I think we would fit in your list well!

 3Hats (11:01am Tuesday 16 November 2010)

Don't forget 3Hats which allows you to Mange. Recruit and Market.
Save your admin time with our Advanced Outlook Plug In - sign up for a demo to get you ready for the new year now!

 Mercury (10:55am Thursday 28 April 2011)

Mercury has been providing eRecruitment systems to the health and local government sector for over 10 years. with complete integration to for police checks in less than 60 seconds.

 Adam Crow (5:04pm Wednesday 21 September 2011)

A reminder to people that MyRecruitOnline has a stand at the 2011 American Staffing Association Expo Oct 11-14 New Orleans. We'll be showing off our advanced real time distributed Recruitment system alongside our live Sync technology (Outlook is a subset)

 ITRIS (11:49pm Tuesday 13 December 2011)

ITRIS Recruitment Software is a world class recruitment software system used by leading recruitment agencies all over the globe.

 Cavin (7:25pm Monday 16 January 2012)

Conrep ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) provides end-to-end solution for consulting, staffing, recruiting and professional services organizations. for More visit -

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