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Posting Jobs to the Facebook Marketplace via Oodle

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:24pm Monday 09 November 2009    Print Article

Earlier in the year I informed readers about the Facebook Marketplace now being powered by Oodle. Now I want to show you how to automatically post your jobs into Oodle for inclusion in the Facebook Marketplace. I recommend Recruiters/Employers use a Multi Posting provider, but if you are technical capable of doing it yourself, here are some instructions.

Please note this feed only applies to jobs listed in the USA, UK, Canada, India & Ireland

The quickest and most reliable way to get your listings into Oodle is to provide them with a data feed. Oodle uses this data to index your listings but not to present them (ie. the search results always link directly to the listings on your site). Oodle strongly prefers XML feeds, although they can accept CSV and tab-delimited text files.

If you are not comfortable in creating a XML feed, you should refer to an earlier article titled Creating a RSS Job Feed for a more detailed example.

You should refer to Oodle's XML Job Feed specifications for detailed instructions.

Job Fields - Each job listing needs to include these required fields

category, id, title, url

Location Fields - The location fields indicate the location of the item being listed. For location-based search to work, it is highly recommended that each listing specify its location at least down to the city or zip/postal code level.

address, city, country, latitude, longitude, neighborhood, state, zip_code

Additional Fields - The more of these additional fields that are included for a listing, the more likely that listing is to be found in searches.

benefits, company, company_size, create_time, currency, description, employee_type, expire_time, featured, fee, hourly_rate, industry, ip_address, registration, required_education, required_experience, salary, salary_type, secondary_source, seller_email, seller_name, seller_phone, seller_url

Once you have created and tested your XML job feed, you can now submit the feed to Oodle.

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 craig (5:31am Tuesday 10 November 2009)

Two things:

1. If you're going to post listing using an online form, your users should also consider posting them on Oodle. That will enable them to be posted natively on Facebook, Oodle, MySpace, etc.

2. Listings submitted by a feed may are not guaranteed to show up in Facebook Marketplace. Listings in Marketplace are typically associated with a Facebook Profile or Page.

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