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Oakley's Minister for Fun

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 6:39pm Tuesday 23 November 2010    Print Article

There has been a plethora of job competitions over the past 12 months; you could forgive all media publications for not mentioning them ever again. Queensland's Best Job in the World was a mighty success, but on the flip side much can be said about Drake's The Ultimate Job comp.

Oakley Australia is currently looking for someone to join their marketing team. The prized role is the Online Marketing Assistant with an $110,000 package includes salary $45,000pa, Oakley clothing allowance $5,000, rent-free accommodation in a St Kilda apartment and travel expenses to Oakley events for one year.

There are 5 challenges candidates need to go through. It may seem like a lot of hoops to jump through, but what would you do for $110k? Interesting morphsuit video by contestant Chiquito

The competition has been promoted through an integrated website/Facebook marketing campaign. 100% Gen Y.

Challenge 1 (Oct 19 - Nov 22) has just ended where each applicant will be asked to submit either video, photos, song, animation or anything creative that answers a question 'Have you got what it takes to get "The Job"? Applicants will be asked to show Oakley why they deserve to be one of our Top 40 applicants.

Challenge 2 (Dec 2 - Jan 10) Top 40 Applicants who have made it through to Challenge 2 will be sent an email with 10 questions and asked to video tape themselves answering the 10 questions. 10 applicants will be selected to head into the final challenge. Top 30 runners up will have second chance to get back in the hunt in Challenge 3 once Challenge 2 finishes.

Challenge 3 (Dec 2 - Jan 25) 8 wildcard spots will be offered for chance to get into the Top 18. To do these applicants will be requested to upload a video.

Challenge 4 (Jan 27 - Feb 07) Top 18 will be set one final challenge - Each applicant will be given an Oakley Product and asked to promote it, documenting their challenge.

Challenge 5 - The top 5 applicants will be invited to the Oakley Rooftop party during the St Kilda Festival. All 5 applicants will meet the Oakley team and be interviewed before the winner is chosen and announced live on stage at the Oakley Rooftop Party.

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