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Hippo iPhone App

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:42pm Thursday 13 May 2010    Print Article

Hippo Jobs have released their own iPhone application. Yes, they are still alive. Overall, the application design is quite nice. The app can use your phones geolocation data to search for jobs close to you. Same as some other iPhone job search applications (eg JobServe).

It is probably the first application I have seen with detailed search results sort options.

Hippo has tried hard to add social networking integration. They have added the ability to share with your Twitter and Facebook friends.

Except as Twitter says "never enter your password in a third-party service". Twitter will turn off basic authentication to the Twitter API on June 30th.

Looks like Hippo will have to release an updated application with oAuth authentication.

All it needs now is more jobs!

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The Apprentice NZ - More jobs than you can poke a stick at

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:00am Thursday 13 May 2010    Print Article

I have finally managed to track down a embeddable copy of The Apprentice New Zealand aired in April. In this episode (Week 8, 6th April 2010), the contestants are set a challenge by SEEK NZ.

Unfortunately those outside NZ were unable to view the show online until recently. 

The challenge was set by SEEK NZ General Manager, Annemarie Duff and Marketing Manager Helen Souness to "create a original 30 seconds TV commercial to demonstrate in a compelling and creative way that demonstrates SEEK has the best and widest ranging jobs in NZ"

The 3 key criteria the contestants had to follow was - creativity, message content and adherence to the SEEK brand personality.

The video streaming quality is low, and split below into 3 parts.

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Oops! Tips - May 2010

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:23pm Wednesday 12 May 2010    Print Article

With the ever changing technology landscape, job boards will never be 100% perfect. Here are some little bugs we have spotted over the past few weeks.

Problem: No location found
Solution: Check if google maps geo-location exists before display

Problem: HTML formatting in browser title
Solution: Strip HTML tags

Problem: Spelling/HTML
Solution: Spell checker. Translate HTML code

Problem: HTML formatting
Solution: Translate HTML code

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Article Tags: oops tips html formatting job boards recruitment websites job ads job ad errors employment advertising translating html code google maps keyword spam

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Please review my CV - Trojan Horse

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:31pm Tuesday 11 May 2010    Print Article

Do you virus scan all candidate resumes and other documents before you open them? Chances are YOU may be the perfect candidate these people are looking for.

I have seen a number of these emails this week targeting recruiters. The email sender and contents looks legit and it is a very simple message saying "please review my CV" accompanied by an attachment with the word "resume" in it.

Guess what. When you open the ZIP attachment, you come across another file which looks like it is the candidates resume. But it is actually an executable program (exe) containing a trojan horse called "trojan.sasfis".

The email (and attachment) is not immediately picked up by anti virus software until you extract or run the executable program within the ZIP file.

The virus has been around for a few months and can allow an outside attacker access to personal information or other stored data on the affected computer.

Trojan.Sasfis can compromise the computer that it is installed on allowing a remote attacker to gain access. Trojan.Sasfis should be removed immediately after detection to limit further destruction. You can read a summary and technical details of the threat here.

UPDATE 13/5/2010 Websense Security Labs have confirmed the malware spam "Please review my CV, Thank you!". You can read the full assessment here.

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auDA .au Domain Name Drop Lists

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:07am Tuesday 11 May 2010    Print Article

Do you know when your .au domain name is going to expire? When most people purchase a .au domain name they think they own the domain name for life. Unfortunately that has never been the case, and with the introduction of the Domain Renewal, Expiry and Deletion Policy (pdf) by the auDA now everyone will know if you forget to renew your domain name.

This new policy is in relation to the renewal, expiry and deletion of .au domain names, which came into effect on 18 April 2010. The new policy changes the way in which expired and deleted .au domain names are removed from the domain name registry. You can check the WHOIS status of any domain name through the WHOIS lookup.

The key features of this policy include
  • The introduction of an Official Domain Drop List which will publish the exact time and date that expired and deleted .au domain names will become available for registration.
  • The introduction of a new service called "domain sync" which allows owners of multiple .au domain names to set a common expiry date for all their .au domain names, provided that the date is less than 2 years from the date of registration of each domain name.
  • All expired or deleted domain names to be removed from the domain name registry at 1.00pm AEST (2.00pm AEDT) on the date of removal rather than at a random time on the date of removal as under the previous policy.
This "Domain Drop List" will list all domains in the .au domain that are about to be purged from the registry, and then put back on the market as available to be registered by anyone who so desires. The list contains both domains that have simply expired and domains that have either been deleted by the previous owner or by auDA themselves.

Currently, the standard period for the registration of a .au domain name is two years. Upon the expiry date (which is automatically set at two years from the date of registration) the domain name licence period may be renewed for further two years.

Under both the current and the new policy, a .au domain name may be renewed at any time within 90 calendar days before the expiry date.

Where a domain name is not renewed on or before its expiry date, the domain name is removed from the DNS. However, for 30 calendar days after the expiry date, it can be restored and renewed, and a third party is not able to register the domain name.

Under this new policy, if a .au domain name is not renewed, then the day before it is “purged”, it will be published on a “Domain Drop List”. Also, all “purges” will now occur daily at 1 pm AEST, including weekends and public holidays.

This means that everyone now has an easier way of monitoring which .au domain names have expired so that they can now register these names as soon as they are released.

What would you do if a domain squatter or competitor was able to register your domain name? How much would you have to pay them to purchase the domain name back again? Monitor your domain name registrations and ensure that you renew your domain name before it expires.

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Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:22pm Sunday 09 May 2010    Print Article

Every day we are faced with a number of problems. Problems don't usually go away. They need to be solved. What is your method for solving problems?

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Article Tags: problem solving creative thinking

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Social Recruiting in Australia and New Zealand. What do Recruiters really think about it?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:00am Friday 30 April 2010    Print Article

The latest RCSA Quarterly Business Manager Survey for 1st Qtr, 2010 has been released. It's no surprise that mainstream job boards still lead the advertising medium recruiters use to source candidates. The trend indicates recruiters are decreasing the use of networking events, niche job boards and refer-a-friend incentives (see image below).

This was the first report produced by the RCSA asking recruiters specific questions about their use of social media sites and tools in the recruitment process. The use of social media by Recruiters in Australia and New Zealand is very low and I'm not that suprised by the results of the survey.

Nearly two thirds believe that social media extends the reach of more traditional sourcing techniques and 58% believe it is cheaper. Nearly half think it allows access to a specialised candidate base while only a third believe it gains a broader candidate base. Most believe it doesn’t help filtering unsuitable candidates, improving candidate quality. They also consider it to be less reliable.

Nearly half use it as part of their marketing strategy or in an ad-hoc way while just over a quarter are not pursing social media as part of their marketing strategy.

Nearly a quarter have social media security protocols and policies with 16% having internal blogs that can’t be reached by the public. Few have return on investment and impact matrixes. 14% have Twitter accounts. Research by ProShortlist found that
  • 49% of recruitment consultants have no LinkedIn profile.
  • Only 85 consultants publish their Twitter link in their LinkedIn profile.

Nearly half use social media for candidate sourcing, 28% for employer branding and engaging with their communities and education and information gathering. 20% use it for client sourcing while 11% use it for reference checking.

Where social media is used for reference checking, only 7% of the full sample use business sites and 4% social media such as Facebook.

Again, I make no apology that the RCSA survey has failed to correctly identify sourcing channels recruiters use to source candidates. Social Networking sites should be grouped together. What ever happened to Resume Databases? Newspapers? Print Media? Surely these are more important (and used) channels than Second Life.

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Article Tags: rcsa rcsa quarterly business manager survey social media social recruiting job boards source candidates recruitment marketing strategy social networking background checks social recruiting in australia niche job boards refer a friend proshortlist twitter facebook linkedin recruitment industry statistics recruitment statistics social recruiting statistics social recruiting in new zealand

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Login with LinkedIn buttons

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:05pm Thursday 29 April 2010    Print Article

If you are using the LinkedIn API to integrate it with your job board, recruitment website. You maybe interested in using one of the standard "Log in with LinkedIn" buttons.

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Article Tags: linkedin linkedin api api login buttons job board recruitment website using the linkedin api

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Recent Job Searches

Posted By: Thomas, 6:44pm Wednesday 28 April 2010    Print Article

There was a function added to MyCareer's new homepage last week I seemed to have missed. While it's not uncommon for job boards to record (and display) your recent job searches, this one caught my eye.

Conduct a keyword search on MyCareer, then come back the next day and you will notice your previous searches are "re-searched" with the number of new jobs listed next to your recent searches. Smart!

Technically. The recent search is stored as a cookie in the clients’ browser.

But what if we wanted to create smarter job boards? Let's say you wanted to use THAT recent search cookie created on MyCareer to automatically personalise and conduct a job search on another job board?

Nope. Unfortunately it’s not possible. This is what we call "Same Origin Policy" (SOP). It is a security measure used in the web browser to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information. Same Origin Policy prevents a web site's scripts from accessing and interacting with scripts used on other sites.

HTTP cookies are dependent on the Same Origin Policy to ensure that sensitive information held about a certain user's activity pertains only to one site. Requiring scripts to be from the same site, or have the same origin, in order to interact with each other without restriction allows browsers to maintain user sessions securely without user re-authentication.

Damm. Back to the drawing board.

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Article Tags: recent job searches job board mycareer job search form fast same origin policy sop number of latest jobs

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The ugly side to blogging

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 5:16pm Tuesday 27 April 2010    Print Article

If you run a blog, you should keep it clean. Unfortunately automated systems are not fool proof and spammers can attack your site. The best thing to do if you no longer blog (and update your system software) is to delete it.

Take this example from the LinkMe blog posted over the weekend. Avoid the embarrassment and put processes in place to approve blog posts and comments.

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