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Are you about to loose your job?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 3:08pm Wednesday 10 December 2008    Print Article

Over the past few weeks, you would have seen a dramatic rise in organisations firing staff. In the news yesterday, there was an article about Mission Australia and the Salvation Army cutting staff numbers to the Job Network Agencies - but have not told the affected staff... If you are currently work in a IT Help Desk role, maybe you could find a job as a phone sex operator? JobX can help you find that new job.

Staff face sack at charity job network - SMH

"Between 100 and 120 jobs will be lost at the Salvation Army, and last week Mission Australia said 73 positions would go, mostly in NSW. The agencies - the two biggest providers of job placement services - cited the lack of job vacancies because of the global financial crisis as the main reason."

Hang on... maybe you should tell your staff they are about to loose their jobs??

A Mission Australia Job Network manager said staff would be told on Tuesday next week who would lose their jobs. "Managers have been told who is to go, but we're not allowed to tell staff. It's disgusting."

24 Alternative Careers for Tech Workers That Aren't in IT - CIO

"With IT departments laying off staff to cut costs and a grim outlook for IT job growth in 2009, now's a good time for tech workers to get out of IT. Here's a list of jobs tech workers could easily switch into. (But hold onto your hats, some may really surprise you.)"

Help Desk Administrator

Unflappable personalities, infectiously pleasant demeanors and an ability to calm stressed-out users are hallmarks of the best help desk workers. They're driven by a genuine desire to please others and solve people's problems, which is why the following jobs would suit them...

Entrepreneurs: Use your winning personality and customer service orientation to buy a franchise or start your own business.

Sales reps: If starting your own business sounds too risky, you can use your engaging personality to sell luxury goods in a high-end boutique, pharmaceuticals to doctors or software to CIOs.

Recruiters: Recruiters solve companies' staffing problems, and they're known for their sunny dispositions.

Customer service reps: The best customer service workers, like the best help desk workers, remain calm in stressful situations and are able to impose that calm on others.

Social Workers/Psychologists: These professions leverage your desire to help others.

Phone Sex Workers: You're good on the phone, right?

Well JobX can help you find that new career you always wanted

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