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10 Things We Hate About Recruitment Companies

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 6:42pm Tuesday 07 July 2009    Print Article

I wanted to provide this article from a job seekers point of view. Like it or not, recruitment companies are firmly entrenched as part of the hiring landscape. However, all the evidence collected by Even It Up! seems to point to the fact that they notoriously over-promise and under-deliver?

How can we improve our standards, so that web sites/blog like Even It Up! do not have to exist? The 10 Things We Hate About Recruitment Companies include...
  • General position calls
  • Baiting
  • Pigeon-holing
  • Silence
  • Reference checks
  • They are not your 'agent'
  • Beware of the people not carrying pencils
  • Amateur hour
  • Once is never, twice is always
  • Gatekeeper status

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 PhilRoles (4:07pm Friday 10 July 2009)

Another fair and balanced presentation from Diane Lee!

I don't think many recruiters would argue that there are plenty of unethical/sub-par Consultants in the market, but I would think that someone with as much "communication" experience as Diane would be capable of presenting something a little less bias.

I'd like to see some more from Diane based on fact, not what she assumes is happening behind doors she's never seen the other side of.

Some quotes from Diane on her forum:

"When I was looking for a job, I got sick of hearing "we are really impressed with you and your qualifications, but we have given the job to someone else." I always asked whether that person had my qualifications,and invariably, the answer was "No". What I figured out was that I knew too much and had done too much, and the organisation was thinking "How the hell are we going to manage her?" instead of "Wow! What an asset this person is to our business!". Trust me, this would never happen if businesses were run like elite sporting teams (which always recognise talent and use it!). I ended up getting a job teaching... oh, and starting Even It Up!"

"I'm was a HD Masters student, and thought that showing how bright I was would be a way to stand out so I would be offered an interview. I couldn't be more wrong. Indviduals who are recruiting for companies generally don't want the best and brightest, because it shows them up and makes them feel insecure in their job... sadly, it's not about what's best for the organisation..."

Delusions of grandeur?

 evenitup (7:49pm Monday 13 July 2009)

I was always taught that in business, one should play the ball not the man (or in this case woman!). Getting personal does not really add to the argument, and in fact detracts from it, and shows that you actually have no argument!

And you are right on two counts! I am biased: towards jobseekers! And I have not worked in recruitment! But I have been at the receiving end of some very unethical and unprofessional behaviour from both recruitment companies and direct employers alike. I think that more than qualifies me to have an opinion on recruitment practices.

I also notice that you have only chosen to quote me from the Forums. You have not bothered to quote other members. The reason you haven't done this is that you would paint a very different picture, and one that supports what I am saying.

Phil, your own bias is showing! And you accuse me of not presenting a balanced view! Now what do they say about pots calling kettles black...?!

 PhilRoles (11:25am Friday 17 July 2009)

We're not in business together, Dianne.

What evidence do you have that any of these things actually happen? "This is a psychological technique that consultants use to build your hopes and leave you hanging" - are they really that devious? Gatekeeper status? Is it really that strange for a business to have some kind of receptionist?

"You will be placed on a black list". Not, you may be placed on a black list? You are entitled to an opinion, but I would expect someone of your experience to know the difference between suggesting that something does happen in some instances, and implying that something will happen in all instances.

I have chosen not to quote any of the 61 other posts on your forums because I didn't think any of them were relevant to the point I was trying to make by quoting yours, that you seem to genuinely believe that the reason you weren't getting jobs is because you "knew too much".

 evenitup (7:15pm Sunday 26 July 2009)

I can see that this could degenerate into a slanging match, so in the interests of being the better person won't dignify this comment with a response. Suffice to say that other readers are more than welcome to login to Even It Up! Forums and read what other members have to say.

If you do that, I'm pretty sure that the comments will more than adequately backup my arguments.

 Dean (10:29pm Wednesday 17 February 2010)

My experience of recruitment agencies is that it’s hit and miss.

You need to register with as many as possible to whittle it down to 2 or 3 that are any good. They have the ability to make peoples career dreams come true or shatter some ones fragile ego.

Some of the most talented people you can meet work for high profile agencies. At times the training is excellent, work loads can be testing and deadlines tight. Don’t get me wrong. There are some one man bands out there but the same can be said for any line of work.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact me on:
Or follow me on:

 Amelia (9:18am Saturday 06 March 2010)

I don't think this is biased. In my experience it rings true. I'm a teacher. Teaching recruitment consultants are not teachers but sales people. Their main objective is to get 'warm bodies in front of classrooms' regardless of the suitibility of the teacher for the school. They earn commission foreach day they place a teacher in front of the class. This commission is taken out of the teachers award wage !!!!

I like to find my own work but schools increasingly use agencies as they are more 'convenient'. I care about the schools I work in and the children I teach even if just as a CRT. I value the relationship I build with a school on my own.In my experience teaching agencies do not value this relationship and send me wherever is most 'convenient'

I care very much about who stands in front of my daughter's class when her teacher is sick. I warn all schools to not place this important job in the hands of commission hungry teacher recruitment agencies!

 Poo on U (10:16am Thursday 22 March 2012)

Occassionaly it is true that there is a time when a company missed my cv but then they comment us ""we are really impressed with you and your qualifications, but we have given the job to someone else.". But it is not always true. To me if I apply a job and get turned down with that comment. I will not go back to the agent (particularly the consultant) and move on. They know what they are missing. I am not depend on the recruiter to find a job but depend on God the provider. At this moment, I have earned the most salary I have in the past 24 years of my career working with an excellent company.

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