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2010 - The year of the lemon

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:52am Monday 04 January 2010    Print Article

With 2009 finally behind us, we can now look forward to a new year. A year of possibilities. A year of continued success. I would like to thank all our clients, blog subscribers, twitter follower, industry commentators and the wider Recruitment/Human Resources community for your support throughout the year and for your return in 2010.

Our blog has become a very valuable source of advice and industry news to recruiters across the globe. The blog attracts a very impressive readership and your feedback, tip-offs and suggested topics has contributed to its success. Our recruitment webinars proved to be a run away success. There was a combined 6,500 attendees/downloads throughout the year.

Unfortunately the year was not all smooth sailing. We had to remove a number of blog posts and think twice before publishing (exposing) a number of industry related activities during the year - you know you are onto something big when you become the target!

I feel very privileged to be part of a small group of industry experts who I respect and can't thank enough for the continued advice and support (at what ever time of the night). 2010 is going to be a massive year for both myself and Recruitment Directory. We have a number of announcements and partnerships to reveal in the next few weeks. 

It amazes me how many recruiters have no idea about online recruitment or technology products. There are so many crap products and tools in the marketplace right now that recruiters will continue to buy lemons. As recruiters increase their workload, they will not have the time to properly evaluate technology products. Instead they will try and pretend they know what they want. Savvy vendors will be able to sell these lemons to uninformed recruiters. "It can connect with Facebook"

This year, recruiters will continue to face many challenges to regain the client or candidates trust and respect. Recruiters will continue to struggle navigating their way through the social media/social recruiting maze. They will continue to dip their toes using social media, but struggle at measuring their impact and reach.

Recruiters will become more productive using technology. But on the other hand, these tools will overload the user with too much raw data and information making it hard for them to make decisions.

Job boards will have to strengthen the relationships with their clients and continue to show the value for money against "free" social media. It shouldn't be too hard for job boards to continue to dominate the landscape.

Candidates will lose all privacy during the recruitment process and open social background checking will become the norm.

Overall it is going to be a very interesting and action packed year. I can't wait to work with you all on this amazing ride. In 2010, don't get sucked into buying a lemon.

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 Nicholas Wall (11:51am Tuesday 05 January 2010)

You are an inspiration. Your work is insightful and informative.

Keep it up in 2010

 Brad (10:54am Wednesday 06 January 2010)


Great insights! Can't wait to catch up when I am back from holidays. Brad.

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