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Are you looking for the perfect role this Christmas
9:00am Friday 12 December 2008

Kudos to Time Recruitment and Hahn Healthcare for these good laughs. Do you know anyone quirky?... On the second day of Christmas, Hahn Healthcare sent to me. Two GP roles, And a job for a pharma company! read more...

Reminder to all... Do not put your test website online
6:30pm Thursday 11 December 2008

It amazes me how many organisations put a test website online, without the necessary security protocols - anyone can find it. Today we were notified about the new RCSA website The site design is very modulated. There are obviously still errors with the search functions, and missing content. Oh no.... they have chosen Drupal as the CMS I hope my membership data is safe! read more...

Something smells a bit fishy
12:40pm Thursday 11 December 2008

I received this media release from Recruit Me Now (not once, twice, but three times!), at first I was not going to publish it, but I thought I would add my own comments. I have shut my mouth for too long on this site's misleading statements: read more...

Has MyCareer closed it's Melbourne office?
8:54am Thursday 11 December 2008

News was creaping around the blog-o-sphere about some redundancies at MyCareer MyCareer have aparently closed their Melbourne office with staff offered roles in Sydney. Are you one of the affected staff? read more...

Are you about to loose your job?
3:08pm Wednesday 10 December 2008

Over the past few weeks, you would have seen a dramatic rise in organisations firing staff. In the news yesterday, there was an article about Mission Australia and the Salvation Army cutting staff numbers to the Job Network Agencies - but have not told the affected staff... If you are currently work in a IT Help Desk role, maybe you could find a job as a phone sex operator? JobX can help you find that new job. read more...

SEEK'ing help on a new home page design
11:55am Tuesday 09 December 2008

I have come across SEEK's new home page designs today, and was quite suprised by the new look. Have a look at the screen shots I was able to get. The only difference between the 2 designs I was presented with is the colour scheme. Note: These are currently undergoing extensive market research - designs can change! Participate in the survey today read more...

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) Say What...?
9:58pm Sunday 07 December 2008

So you may have heard about Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO) but do you know what Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is? read more...

Recruitment Agencies on YouTube
6:36pm Sunday 07 December 2008

I have been following a number of Recruitment Agencies who have been creating and publishing videos for youtube. Consultive has stood out from the rest, and have used this new medium to produce a number of effective recruitment videos. read more...

What Thomas is reading - 7th Dec 2008
2:52pm Sunday 07 December 2008

Jobs ads fall for fifth successive month... Sydney Talent... Recruiting and Restructuring in a Downturn... Start-up wonders... Are your job advertising dollars well spent?... Does Social Networking = LinkedIn for Most Recruiters?... read more...

What Thomas is reading - 4th Dec 2008
8:31pm Thursday 04 December 2008

IT employees work hard to keep their jobs... FREE job ads to rec2rec's on Recruit Me Now... ACCC to authorise recruitment code... Sailing ship not a recruitment tool, says navy... 52 ideas on using social media within HR... How important is your career site in 2009?... Social networking etiquette... read more...

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