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Something smells a bit fishy

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:40pm Thursday 11 December 2008    Print Article

I received this media release from Recruit Me Now (not once, twice, but three times!), at first I was not going to publish it, but I thought I would add my own comments. I have shut my mouth for too long on this site's misleading statements:

"Where the Industry's Employers of Choice find their consultants?
Where experienced recruiters go to search for the best jobs?
Where new recruits go to launch their careers in recruitment?
Where you can create your profile, sit back and let the recruiter come to you?
Where recruiters go to talk to other recruiters?"

Step up and provide some evidence - statistics, surveys, employer testimonials, FACTUAL items please.

Recruit Me Now has consistently produced outlandish statements. Here is one from the original media release last year...but I am still waiting to see how this will take off.

" (rectalk) - is an online portal and forum for recruitment professionals to communicate and network with industry professionals. Recruitment Academy's managing Director Michael Dimopoulos claims will be "the Facebook of the Recruitment Industry".

Settle down. Michael did invite me to his new Ning group yes anyone can create their own Ning site. But HOW can recruiters get value out of this group? Hey, if you want a good see a good Ning community site check out or or

Maybe you should start with a Facebook Application contact us for help. first?

I am not alone in my stance, have a look at a fellow blogger here

Obviously the job board is failing. Regardless of its motivations, though, it's time Recruitmenow stops producing misleading statements. As a recruiter, shouldn't I use my networking skills that have been imbedded into me to find a job? Isn't that what your training sessions are about - Networking to find candidates. Recruiters are very networked join LinkedIn

If there are any recruiters/employers who would like to comment on this, please do so.

"Recruitment Specialist Job board Recruit Me Now take the initiative to rattle the cages and shake up the Job board price war…..

Recruit Me Now the No. 1 Career Site Exclusive for Recruiters has recently announced to all Recruitment to Recruitment firms that all jobs posted on Recruit Me Now are free. With the continuing price war on all major Job Boards and the current economic climate founder and Managing Director Michael Dimopoulos says it's time to introduce a far more cost effective solution to our Industry. Dimopoulos believes that over the past 3 years listening to clients the most common issue was always around the continuing rise of job board fees, how the major players always had a better advantage over the SME's and boutique agencies not to mention within minutes your jobs fell into a plethora of no mans land of cyber.

It's time to take a stance and Recruit Me Now asks that if the Industry supports this innovation then it will guarantee never to enter into the monopoly that the Job Board space has become and will always be a cost effective solution to advertising positions, after all it's advertising on the internet so surely the current costs are unrealistic. Far too much money has been made out of the Industry to date and Recruit Me Now will ensure a far greater return of investment being an Industry Specific Career Site.

This is the first stage of Recruit Me Now's pricing relief and there will certainly be many more initiatives to come say's Dimopoulos. My objective is to showcase the No. 1 Recruitment Industry Career Site and our impressive recourses, functionalities and technology which is far greater than a mere Job Posting board. The Recruitment Industry was well overdue for its own career site and it is time to take a stance and I believe that Recruit Me Now is the best site in the market.

We have already seen a number of rec2rec's embrace this offer and support this initiative.

Recruit Me Now, Australia & New Zealand's first exclusive Recruitment Industry career site has arrived and is designed exclusively to bring job seekers and employers in the Recruitment Industry together and offer a full range of state of the art technology and functionality. Recruitment agencies will have the choice to select candidates directly from Recruit Me Now at a third of the costs of current industry sourcing arrangements."

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 abenz (1:39pm Friday 19 December 2008)

I didnt even know this job board existed. Thanks for the heads up

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