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What Thomas is reading - 4th Dec 2008

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:31pm Thursday 04 December 2008    Print Article

IT employees work hard to keep their jobs... FREE job ads to rec2rec's on Recruit Me Now... ACCC to authorise recruitment code... Sailing ship not a recruitment tool, says navy... 52 ideas on using social media within HR... How important is your career site in 2009?... Social networking etiquette...

IT employees work hard to keep their jobs - Smart Company
"A new survey of IT staff shows more than half are concerned about losing their jobs, but over 33% say they would work longer hours with a 25% pay cut to keep them."

FREE job ads to rec2rec's on Recruit Me Now - Onrec
"Today we have announced you can post as many jobs on Recruit Me Now for FREE (yes thatís right FREE)"

ACCC to authorise recruitment code - Dynamic Business
"The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a decision proposing to grant authorisation to the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Limited (RCSA) to uphold the code for professional practises within the recruitment industry."

Sailing ship not a recruitment tool, says navy - Yahoo7/ABC
"The Royal Australian Navy says it has no plans to use the Young Endeavour sail training ship as a recruiting tool, even though the force is currently understaffed."

52 ideas on using social media within HR - Michael Specht
"It has taken me a while to get this lists published, I originally had the idea six months ago! Below are 52 ideas on how you can use social media within your HR and Recruitment strategy."

How important is your career site in 2009? - Talent Cloud
"Much money has been spent on career sites for general, graduate and niche recruitment but what will investment in these sites be like for 2009?"

Social networking etiquette - Recruiting Blogs
"I just had a candidate completely ruin their chances with my hiring manager because they didn't understand proper online "social" etiquette. It is easy to get too get a false sense of familiarity with people sometimes, which sometimes have the less desirable effect of looking like a ciber-stalker."

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