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This job has been sourced from...

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 9:00am Monday 15 December 2008    Print Article

Strange behaviour is starting to emerge from niche job boards. Who would have thought we would see the day when a job board states that a job has been sourced from another job board? This example below is one of 100 or more jobs currently appearing on Teen Jobs sourced from JobsJobsJobs

TeenJobs has a brand new user interface which looks like a clone of Hippo

Here are some questions to Teen Jobs from a employer/advertisers perspective
  1. Is TeenJobs getting paid from JobsJobsJobs for advertising the job or by the number of applications it provides?
  2. Dose the client (original owner of the copy) know about this arrangement? If not, why not - they are the copyright holders of the content.
  3. If I advertise my job on JobsJobsJobs first, will it automatically be syndicated to Teen Jobs?
  4. The job board demographics is teens but there are many jobs require qualifications and experience?
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 abenz (1:39pm Friday 19 December 2008)

We tried teenjobs but no success for any roles posted.

 Rayanne (5:41am Saturday 30 January 2010)

Why does this seem unusual? Boards have been posting other boards jobs for years. sources job adverts from everywhere. And yes, they get paid.

 Gareth Jenkins (7:01am Tuesday 02 February 2010)

Rayanna, yes there are aggregators like Indeed out there, but they are distinct from jobsboards in that they do not display a full description or allow application via their own system - they direct the user back to the original site.

However I am aware of a number of companies that syndicate jobs content between jobsboards, and yes Thomas they often work on a pay per application or per unique CV basis. Some of them talk about paying per the "quality of the CV", but this is of course a very grey area (Recruiter can happily say each CV is rubbish, pay only a little, then place what is actually a good candidate!).

Of course, to make such a syndication system work with niche boards, you should be sharing out relevant jobs otherwise you're effectively damaging the appeal of the niche board to their user base.

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