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Recruitment related Domain Names For Sale

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:23pm Tuesday 25 November 2008    Print Article

As the demand for Australian domain names continues to grow, the availability of quality domain names becomes less and less. What domain names relating to recruitment, HR, jobs, careers and talent are currently up for sale?

Earlier this year, the auDA opened up the .au domain name space for the registrant transfers policy be relaxed to allow a registrant to transfer their domain name licence to another eligible entity, for any reason.
  • It will not be allowable to register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to a third party
  • Registrants will not be able to transfer their domain name for the first 6 months after the initial registration (this does not apply to domain names that have been renewed or previously transferred)
  • After 6 months, registrants will be able to offer their domain name for sale/transfer by any means (eg. by listing the domain name for sale on a domain brokerage website, advertising the domain name for sale in a newspaper, or contacting a prospective buyer directly)
  • The new registrant must comply with normal eligibility and allocation rules. Registrant transfers will be processed by the registrar of record using a standard transfer form, and the registrar may charge a transfer fee
  • Parties to a transfer will be asked to disclose the sale method and price, on a voluntary and confidential basis, so that auDA may collect aggregated statistical data to improve access to market information for buyers and sellers.

Basically... If you currently own a .au domain name, you can sell it to another party. There are a number of 3rd party domain name sale sites which sell domain names.


Domain Trading Post



I have compiled a list of domain names that are currently for sale below. Note: ** I have declared my interest if I have a name for sale. Personally, some of the domain name prices are inflated, whereas there are some which are bargains!

How much is a domain name worth? The market is very young, and the old saying "what’s in a name" stands. If the domain name is important to your brand and business you may have to pay more for it.

If anyone has anymore domain names they wish to list, or know any recent sales, please let me know. ** ** ** **

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 Geoff (8:01am Wednesday 26 November 2008)

Wow, didn't realise that many recruitment domains are around for sale.

I put together a very basic site for my recruitment domains

 Online Recruitment Service (6:50pm Tuesday 15 June 2010)

It's amazing to see a great list of domains. Thanks for the info. I will contact you soon.

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