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SEEK adds LinkedIn profile import tool

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:00am Monday 29 November 2010    Print Article

SEEK has finally released the new job seeker resume database. Registered job seekers will now be able to parse their existing resume (using FAST Search) OR import their existing LinkedIn profile to the new SEEK job seeker database. SEEK's LinkedIn integration is very simple for job seekers to use and it's modeled on the same processed I have discussed previously.

A concern to most other job boards in the marketplace is any partnership between SEEK and LinkedIn. SEEK's control in Australia is well over 70% and with online properties in emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Asia and China. It makes sense to set up some strategic working relationships between SEEK and LinkedIn now before its too late.

When creating your job seeker profile, you will notice an "import from LinkedIn" button on the work history tab. You will first need to authorise access for SEEK to import your LinkedIn details. Once authorised, you will be shown the data that will be imported to your profile.

If you are stuck for keywords to describe yourself, the system will automatically generate a number of keywords based on your resume and other profiles like yours. Simply drag and drop the keyword from the wall to the keyword fields.

Overall, the job seeker profile is quite simple for the average user to build a profile. There are plenty of tool tips and hints along the way.

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 Monopoly (9:59am Monday 29 November 2010)

NO! Someone please put a stop to seek's monopoly over the industry.

 Vic grrrr (12:05pm Monday 29 November 2010)

I hate this too. There is no way any new job site can make inroads into the marketplace against Seek.

I hate spending all this money on Seek and now having to pay for LinkedIn products is just ridiculous.

Come on MyCareer and CareerOne what are you doing? Stop these guys from a full monopoly position!!!


 Lee (1:28pm Monday 29 November 2010)

Check it out.

 Andrew Turnbull (4:53pm Monday 29 November 2010)

We have just launched our new referral platform...and the LinkedIn API should be done in the next week or 2.

I just registered on the SEEK platform.. meh..nothing new, if anything, it is flakey.

Did'nt Carey Eaton say on Destination Talent that Resume Databases don't work? Now they want you to use theirs..caus its supposed to be the best.

It is far from the best....

 Ray Pavri (5:27pm Monday 29 November 2010)

As if cvs were not guilded enough. Now there is an android / robot which allows guilding the lily to become a fine art.

 Bobby Recruiter (5:34pm Monday 29 November 2010)

I'm actually happy that Seek now make it possible for me to post the same ads that I used to post in the paper for a fraction of the price.

You young kids don't realise how good you've got it!

 EQ. (6:58pm Monday 29 November 2010)

Now when can I apply for a job using my LinkedIn profile as my resume?

 Recruiter (9:30pm Monday 29 November 2010)

So once it's got the data what does it actually do? What's different to all the others ?

 Linda Coles (11:34am Tuesday 30 November 2010)

Do you know if your recommendations are on view?

 Carey Eaton (12:32pm Tuesday 30 November 2010)

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the mention but you're conveniently misquoting me.

If you actually read the article you'll see that I said:

"It has been hard to point to sustained success in the resume database space anywhere in the world over the past ten years, partly because much of the thinking has been about resume databases as a competing source of candidates to advertising.

Social networks will accelerate the debate about the role of resume databases in job board product portfolios. It is likely that new innovations and directions for resume databases will occur.

Job boards nevertheless will have to decide between integrating, complementing or ignoring resume content on social networks. It is likely that a model where online resume content as a complement to job ad content will provide a route to more compelling online employment marketplaces and strengthen the job boards’ position as the primary destination for job seekers and recruiters."

 Mark (10:06pm Friday 03 December 2010)

oh brother.. this is ten years too late lol

 Peter Lucas (9:15am Saturday 04 December 2010)

Congratulations SEEK, what a great little app. It is good to see the market leader making inroads into the Social Media space (well sort of), even this late.

Could it be because recruiters and LinkedIn themselves have been getting great response from job advertisements through the LinkedIn network and bypassing the need to use job boards? We all can see the trend so this move was not rocket science at work here.

I have seen that many recruiters post jobs through LinkedIn and Twitter feeds its not funny. Added to that almost all recruiters I have spoken to in the last 4 months have found my details through LinkedIn. Few if any have posted jobs straight away through a job board. Of all my colleagues I speak too this is a fast growing trend. The next couple of predictable apps is a twitter integration for recruiters.

What you might start seeing happen is that more and more senior executive jobs will be sourced through trusted networks such as LinkedIn leaving the 'non-white collar jobs' for the job boards. People who have these types of jobs tend not to be part of sites like linkedIn, rather they are part of more pure social networks such as facebook. And this will be a hard nut to crack.

I guess the challenge for those job boards looking at a facebook app integration will be how do you encroach into this social space when most people do not openly like socialising with the their friends that they are actively looking for work? And with high probability of facebook connections with work colleagues it can be very risky too.

I like it and I sense the move from traditional job boards to other channels is even more advanced than I thought. This also means that for those innovative individuals the opportunity to find 'a better way' is ripe.

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