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Federal Government adopts Gershom Review

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:59pm Tuesday 25 November 2008    Print Article

It’s hard enough to find skilled candidates for IT roles in Canberra, but the Federal Governments adoption of the Gershom Review doesn’t make much sense. Canberra is a nice place. But... I couldn't live there permanently.

It's official: Govt backs Gershon "in full" - ZDNet Australia

Government devastates contractors, vendors and recruiters with Gershon approval - iTWire

"The IT contracting and recruitment industries, as well IT vendors, already reeling from the economic downturn, have been dealt a devastating body blow by the Federal Government's decision to implement in full the recommendations of the recent Gershon Review. Contractor numbers will shrink by half and Government ICT spending will be slashed by more than half a billion over the next three years."

The Government is trying hard to cut costs, but at the expense of the highly skilled and talented IT contractors.

"The review claimed that up to 20 per cent of staff in some agencies had been converted from permanent to contractors, which affected agencies' skill base but also posed a risk since contractors stood outside the standard performance management system. Gershon estimated that 23 per cent of the government's current ICT workforce was contractors."

IT Recruitment Agencies would have already started to consult with the Government and Contractors about the changes. This might actually be a windfall for those agencies who need the upfront cash $ from the conversion.

Smaller agencies that have a large contracting book sheet will be the hardest hit, and they will take a long time to recover from the contracting margin loss.

Peoplebank bought Ambit for $100 million, which derives 97% of its business from IT contracting with a strong focus on the Government sector

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HR Daily launches

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:31pm Tuesday 25 November 2008    Print Article

HR Daily a daily email publication was launched last week, and has already taken off with over 3000 email subscribers!

HR Daily is a free daily publication from the Specialist News team. Most recruitment professionals will know the sister publication Recruiter Daily and Shortlist News

Recruiter Daily recently celebrated it's 10,000 subscriber. Well done to Jo and the team. Sign up now to recieve the FREE daily emails for and

"HR Daily offers a unique way to promote your brand, products and services to human resource professionals. Read every day by HR professionals of all experience levels, HR Daily ensures your ad hits thousands of inboxes and web browsers in prominent high-traffic areas."

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:13pm Tuesday 25 November 2008    Print Article

The "Deloitte Technology Fast 50" results for 2008 have been released, and it seems only 2 Recruitment/HR service providers have made it into the top 50

Download the full report from here or read more reports from their website

While studying the recent report, we noticed 2 organisations that come to mind providing recruitment/hr related service products to the market. The Top 50 is mostly made up of communication providers.

43rd - Red Balloon
44th - NGA.NET

You may be thinking... why have I included Red Balloon in this post? When I was working as a HR Consultant, we used Red Balloon to facilitate various corporate incentive, reward and recognition programs. Outsourcing programs to these types of providers improved employee morale, high achievers programs and employee development (it also saved me heaps of time)

"RedBalloon is the leading online gift retailer for experiences in Australia and New Zealand. We "package up pleasure" giving people a good time by allowing them to experience something they have always wanted to do."

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RCSA releases Quarterly Research report Nov 2008

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:11am Tuesday 25 November 2008    Print Article

The RCSA has released the findings for its latest "Quarterly Research" report Nov 2008. "Demand for healthcare workers appears recession-proof but business professionals are facing a significant slump in their job prospects, according to the latest recruitment industry research."

Read the media release here

View the powerpoint presentation

"Demand for healthcare workers appears recession-proof but business professionals are facing a significant slump in their job prospects, according to the latest recruitment industry research."

  • Business confidence has dropped to the lowest since 2001, a drop of 21% while expectations of growth have become negative for the first time with a drop of 5% to -0.8%
  • There has been a strong increase in the number of applicants for positions and become considerably easier to find appropriate applicants for positions. Conditions have improved back to those experienced in April 2004
  • Staff turnover has remained stable at 36% pa organisations have contracted by 2.1% and become negative for the first time since December 2001
  • There has been a substantial drop in permanent full-time placements while on-hire employment and contractor placements have increased slightly. 12% of on-hired employees converted to permanent positions in the last six months while permanent employees converting to on-hired employment was 5%.
  • Permanent placements have dropped by 4% to 5% thus on-hired replacements have become proportionally more significant with a rise of 3% to 94% of the total number of placements
  • Accordingly, the proportion of revenue from on-hired employment has risen by 6% to 54% while that of recruitment services has dropped 3% to 42%
  • Concerns about the state of the economy have jumped again from 84% to 94% while lack of suitable candidates has dropped to 3rd spot. Concerns about the lack of hiring intentions of clients has jumped again from 3rd place to 2nd with concerns increasing 21% to 88%. Concerns about maintaining profitability/fee levels have also increased 20% to 70% an along with it concerns about price undercutting
  • The 2 skills with the biggest shortages are non-building professional engineers, associates and technician  experiencing a 6% - 8% drop in demand.
  • The demand for health professionals and nurses remains static while  rising to in place.
  • The demand for  business professionals has slumped for the second survey in a row  by a further15% to 21% from 4th to 14th place.
  • The demand for building professionals has also slumped 10% to 18%.
  • Demand for other skills had generally dropped 3% - 8% and is consistent with a general easing of  the economy and labour market conditions
  • The majority of respondents (94%) source candidates by approaching passive candidates. A two thirds use niche or specialist internet job boards while nearly two thirds use refer a friend incentives
  • Nearly two thirds took action to address the market downturn in the last three months and nearly half addressed marketing expenses. The next priority is the number of recruiters per staff member followed by international revenue

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The Blog is back!

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:41pm Monday 24 November 2008    Print Article

I thought it was about time I bought back the blog. So here it is in a new format

If you would like to post a comment you will need to register with the site before being allowed to post a comment.

It has been over 12 months since I have had my own blog. The blog will hopefully focus once again on products, services, new technologies, web 2.0 mainly for Recruitment and HR.

If readers have a particular topic, product or service they would like me to talk about, feel free to send me a email and I will consider it.

We have decided not to use WordPress, as our current CMS has a well modulated blog/article system which integrates very well into all our sites.

Direct link to the blog is

If there are any problems while we are testing out the functionality, please let me know. Thomas

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