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Job Board Statistics - January 2010

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:53pm Tuesday 02 February 2010    Print Article

Australian Job Board Statistics measuring the total unique browsers during January 2010. Data source - Nielsen NetRatings. SEEK 3.872m, CareerOne 1.747m, MyCareer 1.448m

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 Dunken Francis (2:30pm Tuesday 02 February 2010)

The growth on Seek isn't really a suprise - probably more due to attrition is the printed press pages moving to online rather than an actual reflection of more available positions?

 Leigh Kostiainen (11:52pm Thursday 04 February 2010)

I will be using these stats in an interview on the ABC tomorrow. The biggest problem with major job boards is the lack of moderation, hence the influx of less than legitimate and 'junkie' type ads.

Just my two cents.


 Carey Eaton (8:58am Tuesday 09 February 2010)

Hi Leigh

I'm surprised by your comment. On SEEK we have a great deal of moderation and remove many accounts and ads every day for suspected fraud, non-compliance with our strict advertising guidelines designed to give jobseekers the best experience. I know most other major job boards in Australia have similar approaches. Whilst I accept this may have been an issue in the early days of job boards, that time is long since behind us

 Irini Cavalliotis (12:28pm Tuesday 16 February 2010)

Personally I don't find too many 'junkie' type ads on SEEK. Carey is right - Australian job boards spend a lot of time and money eliminating ads that do not directly benefit job seekers.

 AER Head (10:56am Friday 26 February 2010)

I have to stand up for the major job boards here - I think they all have procedures in place to protect job seekers from unscrupulous advertisers. Not sure what the situation is with minor job boards, start-ups and aggregators, but their traffic levels are negligible compared to the likes of Seek.

The only complaint I have with major job boards is that there are too many ads from recruiters - jobseekers would much rather apply for a direct-client ad, and they can be hard to find. Carey - would you back that?

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