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Believe it or not
10:43pm Thursday 26 March 2009

I had to look twice at the splash page for Randstad. It couldn’t be the Therese Rein (PM’s Wife) could it? I doubt it is, but a good look-a-like. read more...

Hippo Jobs appoints Administrators
8:53pm Tuesday 24 March 2009

Hippo filled Form 505 - "Notification of Appointment or Cessation of an External Administrator" with ASIC today. In layman’s terms this means they have appointed Administrators to run/wind up/liquidate the company. The Gen-Y job board is said to have around 100k registered and profiled candidates, 80% under 25 years old. The site attracts 100k visitors each month. read more...

Integrating Facebook Connect with your Job Board
11:37am Tuesday 24 March 2009

Facebook Connect is part of the sites API platform released late last year. With Facebook the number 1 social networking site in the world, who wouldn't want to leverage off the success of this site? read more...

What is an API
10:34pm Monday 23 March 2009

You may have heard the acronym "API" before, so what is it, and how it is used in recruitment. An application programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application or tools. Software providers can release their own API to developers/clients/users, so they can develop and design products powered by the remote service. read more...

Job Searching via Twitter
7:20pm Thursday 19 March 2009

Job searching has evolved from newspapers to job boards, and now evolving from job boards into social networking sites including Twitter. Job seekers can use this medium thanks to new content aggregation sites such as TwitterJobSearch, HashJobs and various other sites. read more...

Recruitment Directory launches live Technology Webinars
2:56pm Thursday 19 March 2009

Recruitment Directory will be the first to launch various live recruitment technology webinars later this month in an effort to maximise recruiter’s knowledge in these areas. read more...

Taking the Job Board to the people
3:21pm Wednesday 18 March 2009

While having drinks with Kelly and Karen from Six Figures last Friday afternoon, I suggested numerous marketing ideas, to which they took one of them up. I spent this morning out on the street, with the Six Figures team outside Telstra/ANZ towers in Collins Street, Melbourne. read more...

Proof read your job ads
3:40pm Tuesday 17 March 2009

Have a look at this job advert posted on Seek yesterday. Are recruiters using the spellchecker or proof reading the job adverts? It's quite easy to spot all the errors. read more...

Customer satisfaction the JobAdder way
12:57pm Tuesday 17 March 2009

Promotional items are more important than ever in a tight economy. You want every edge you can get, and many of these items will reap rewards way beyond their cost. I was so excited to receive some promotional snakes from JobAdder in the mail today. read more...

Radio Interview - Great jobs and where to find them
12:36pm Monday 16 March 2009

Earlier today, I was interviewed on a radio show called Career Communique Radio - Your Career Catalyst co-hosted by multi award-winning Career Management, Personal Branding Strategist and Author of "10 key steps to Ace that Interview" - Annemarie Cross and Career Coach - Keith Keller. read more...

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