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Name and Shame

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:47pm Tuesday 17 February 2009    Print Article

Lately, I have been inundated from frustrated job seekers pointing me to negative threads on some message boards/forums. These threads have been started by users to vent their frustration with certain Recruitment Agencies, Employers and problems with the recruitment process.

The threads promote a "name and shame" mentality, which Recruitment Agencies and Employers need to watch out for.

Tonight I read through some interesting posts on Whirlpool, which is a message board for IT users.
  • Worst Interview Question Ever!
  • Fake Agency Job? Now we know
  • Exaggerating details in Resumes
  • Even Recruiters are getting Sacked
  • Are there any legitimate "work from home" jobs??
  • List of good IT Recruiters
  • Unethical Recruitment Agencies
  • Name and shame bad recruiters
  • Warning - Free work is illegal

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 andrew Mcginley (4:25pm Thursday 07 January 2010)

Recently I have been told by recruiters that they only hire Offshore resources, and that my career is no longer alive.

After have 14 years in the IT plus a double degree, some recruiting firms have told me to not call them again as they don't want to assist me. There only interested in cheap labor from over seas. "This is what they told me".

They wont hire Australians any more.

At the start of the "so called financial crises" in late 2008, I was retrenched because of cutbacks, after 18 months i get the same story. sorry you have been out of work too long, "This is not my fault" I got the last job through Peoplebank and they come up with that statement.
even after applying for many of there jobs.

In the mean time i have stopped looking for IT jobs and working part in parttime cleaning jobs
,after all the bills have to be paid.

Any suggestions. MC

 Sophia Wilkoszewski (8:09pm Thursday 14 January 2010)

Hi Andrew,

Seriously, you need to go and search for a recruitment firm where you find dedicated consultants that have been in the business much longer than the "rookies" and work for the candidate as much as the client.

If you have the skills and experience for the position then it should not matter that you have been out of work for 18 months. I also suggest that maybe you escalate further to management of the recruitment firm as it is highly unprofessional to say to a candidate not to call back and they do not want to assist you without any real valid reason.

If then if no action is taken after this do you really want to partner with an organisation like that and have them represent you to make them money? Something to consider maybe.....

Remeber you are not just a number or a bum in the are a human being.

As they are an IT specialist firm, I suggest you have a conversation with them of then where to start to get back into the industry.

Just a thought.

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