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MyCareer's LinkedIn integration

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:30am Tuesday 21 December 2010    Print Article

MyCareer has quietly integrated a number of LinkedIn features onto their job board. Users can use their existing LinkedIn profile as a "single sign on" to MyCareer instead of using the Fairfax registration process.

If you are logged into MyCareer using your LinkedIn profile, it will automatically match jobs and courses which best suit your profile. Unfortunately the "matches" did not suit my profile.

There are also a number of social networking buttons on each job in the search results. Some would say the whole product release was rushed to market after SEEK’s product release last week

When you apply for a job (using MyCareer's application form) you can also include your LinkedIn URL in the application form. Users should compare the process to other LinkedIn application form processes available.

What do you think of MyCareer's LinkedIn integration?

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 EQ. (2:51pm Tuesday 21 December 2010)

Yawn at the social sharing function. You would expect they could come up with something more sexy.

 Andrew Dickinson (6:22pm Saturday 08 January 2011)

It has quite a long way to go.

Examples :

It needs to bring up the linkedin profile of the contact person. If they don't have one yet, it should prompt them to create one as part of the advertisement lodgement process.

It could suggest people in the company to contact about the position, the company etc. This could be tailored to fit in with each person's profile settings.

 TwoSteps Legal Recruitment (4:30pm Thursday 27 January 2011)

Good post, the Australian market is key for us and it's inevitable to see Linkedin being integrated with recruitment sites when such a huge number of people have a profile of some kind.

Although the implementation could be improved, it's amazing how many sites are still completely neglecting this channel.

We'll probably be adding this functionality to our own site at some point in the future.

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