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HTML Special Character #39 - The Apostrophe

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:21am Friday 15 May 2009    Print Article

If you do not encode special characters in web forms, you run the risk of breaking the search query or the ability to insert malicious code into the database. Hackers can infiltrate your website, potentially stealing confidential data or deleting the database.  I am not going to go into the technical reasons why this happens, but in most cases it is a very easy fix.

Imagine the embarrassment when you could have spent a small amount of money, testing the website for errors!

Shit! Isn’t that what you pay your IT team to do?

Independent 3rd party testing is always advised to double check the website for errors. Contact us today to find more about our specialist consulting services. 

All these errors below are a result of us only using the following keyword – you’ll

You are able to drop this Recruitment Agency database if you wanted to...

Clements, forms break...

Talent2 do not encode the "job ref" search field, resulting in...

Scott Recruitment Services job search script times out. Need to handle error messages...

Ross Human Directions, Greythorn and LinkMe forms break and produce warning messages for the users....

Legal Jobs Centre form breaks. Archijobs and JobSpeed encode the apostrophe, but instead they replace it with a backslash

JobsJobsJobs remove the apostrophe and the remainder of the search query.

eeek... DFP Recruitment & Absolute

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 Star Config (5:31pm Friday 15 January 2010)

Ross julia ross its got really nice design, but all others are good as well, well done, really good job.

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