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Adlogic Mobile

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:00pm Thursday 27 January 2011    Print Article

I am pleased to announce a partnership between adlogic and Recruitment Directory. We will be providing a range of mobile job site software for all of adlogic/PostJobsOnce (RCSA Members) clients. This partnership will give every adlogic client access to our advanced mobile job site software. It doesn’t matter if another vendor is currently powering your website. This mobile product is linked directly to your adlogic account.

Client mobile sites can be deployed in less than one hour. Saying that, we were able to deploy a very large client over the phone for a demonstration in 10 minutes. The full media release can be found below.

MEDIA RELEASE - 27th Jan 2011 Adlogic Mobile. A partnership between Recruitment Directory and adlogic

adlogic becomes the largest provider of mobile job search products

adlogic, Australia & New Zealand leading job multi posting system today released a suite of mobile job search products. All adlogic and PostJobsOnce (RCSA members) clients across the globe now have access to the best mobile job site product in the world.

adlogic mobile products were developed by Recruitment Directory who have partnered with adlogic to provide this world class mobile job search products for all our Recruitment Agency or Corporate clients.

This partnership will make adlogic the largest provider of mobile job search products across the globe with over 300 client mobile job sites ready to be released. The mobile product is a web enabled mobile job site that is compatible across all mobile devices “multi device enabled” including optimization for iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung etc.

Commenting on this new product, Managing Director and Founder of adlogic, Anwar Khalil said “Our clients on average receive 5-10% of web traffic from mobile devices. With the increase use of mobile devices, we need to provide the best possible products for our clients. This partnership will allow all of our adlogic clients an easy and cost effective way of providing a mobile job search website to their users. All clients will be able to use their existing URL and be provisioned to go live in under 1 hour!”

The mobile job search product uses the clients existing website URL and jobs from their account. Users can search, view, apply and shortlist jobs via SMS/email and subscribe to email alerts all from within the clients mobile job site. Clients also have the option of integrating this into a native mobile application.

Thomas Shaw, Managing Director of Recruitment Directory, said “There has definitely been a strong uptake in the number of users searching for jobs on their mobile device and we look forward to providing all adlogic clients the best mobile job site product available in the marketplace. Our extensive mobile recruitment expertise gives adlogic a very strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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 Josh (10:52am Friday 28 January 2011)

I like this! Well done Thomas.

 clayton (6:23pm Thursday 20 October 2011)

how do we get hold of this? we use adlogic

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