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Articles tagged with JOB AD OF THE MONTH

Job ad of the month - I'm tired of writing boring adverts for boring Recruitment Consultants
9:26pm Monday 05 July 2010
Tags: engineering people funny job ad job ads keyword loading job ad of the month

Did I miss the memo on funny job ad day? Today I came across a number of funny (and a few weird) job ad copies including "This is DOPE" and "If this sounds like your kind of gig, then please send us your CV and an idea of your salary expectations to one of the sexiest men on the planet (WTF)…our Human Resources Manager". read more...

Job ad of the month - No weed smoking hippies
2:06pm Monday 14 June 2010
Tags: funny job ads fusion workforce job ad of the month job board mycareer

It's not often you see funny job ads in the paper. But in this weekend’s edition of The Age/MyCareer, (amongst the plethora of ads promoting their iPhone app) I came across a funny job ad by Fusion Workforce. read more...

You know how much I feel like writing an advert on a friggin Sunday afternoon...
11:12am Monday 22 March 2010
Tags: funny job ads job board mining manager job ad of the month

If you are unsure what "friggin" means, have a read of the Urban Dictionary. read more...