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Why should I create a social networking profile?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 5:35pm Sunday 26 April 2009    Print Article

Social networking sites allow you to know and to be known to multitudes of people throughout the world. Through the sites you can meet many influential individuals and organizations who can get you referrals, new collaborations, more business and ultimately greater profits. Any person big or small, can become successful with the help of social networking sites.

Why should you create a profile on social networking sites?

Expand your network

Social networking sites allow you to make friends and form a large network of the people from your industry. The larger the network, the greater your opportunities are for finding a good job, business offer, business lead, etc.

Increase visibility

Posting informative content on your company can increase the site traffic to your company's site that might boost your brand visibility.


You can indulge in marketing your company/product/brand through social media with a bit of imagination and plenty of innovation. You can enter into aggressive marketing through the updates, blogs, webinars, etc.

Easy and quick

Having your profile on any social networking site is easy and quick. You just have to click a few buttons and type details about yourself/company to be known.

Stay connected

Staying connected to the near and dear is the primary aim of anyone signing up with a social networking site. Social media allows you to stay in touch with anyone, living in any part of the globe, at any time.

Your space

Your profile is your exclusive space, through which you can share your thoughts, videos, pictures and opinions. You can post a blog and submit a link for the users on the social networking site.

0 costs

Signing up and posting your profile on social networking sites incurs no cost unlike other media like television, newspaper, radio, etc.

Increase work

If you have a network with the best in your industry and prove to them that you are really good at your job, you can get more work and this translates into more profits.

Expert help

Your network may include experts in your industry who can provide valuable guidance on your new products, approach, endeavors and enterprises. They can guide you through your tough times.

Instant fame

Posting regular updates and interesting links bring you many friends and fans. This makes you much sough after by the users of the social networking site and you become famous, instantly.

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