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Log in with LinkedIn

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:30am Monday 19 July 2010    Print Article

We have released "Log in with LinkedIn" functionality across a number of our client job boards and recruitment agency websites. This is a first for the Australian & New Zealand recruitment industry that allows users to use their existing LinkedIn details to Register/Login with another site.

LinkedIn users already represent themselves with their real names and real identities. With the Log in with LinkedIn functionality, users can bring their real identity information with them to whatever site they visit on the web.

The process behind the LinkedIn authentication is quite similar to those who are familiar with Facebook Connect. By adding the Log in with LinkedIn functionality, we aim to
  • Increase user signups
  • Create trusted user authentication
  • Provides existing identity details
  • Speeds up the Registration or Login process
  • Allow users to refer content back to existing LinkedIn networks
Users can connect their LinkedIn account with any website that uses the LinkedIn API authentication methods. This could be at the website login, application form or anywhere else the developer would like to add social context, the user can authenticate and connect their account in this trusted environment.

The user will always have total control of the permissions granted and can revoke this permission through their LinkedIn account.

Contact us today to find out how you can integrate Log in with LinkedIn functionality into your website.

For example, a user wishes to register for an account on a job board. If the user has already registered, they can proceed to the Login panel, else proceed to the registration form and click on the "Log in with LinkedIn" button.

Once the user clicks on the "Log in with LinkedIn" button, a secure LinkedIn authorisation form opens in a new window. If the user is logged into LinkedIn already it will ask the user to grant access to the specific application. Otherwise, it will ask the user to login to their LinkedIn account.

After the user grants access to the application, the LinkedIn window will close and grant access for the job board to connect to LinkedIn and access the following details - First Name, Last Name, Position Title, Organisation, Location. These details will be used to auto populate the job boards user registration form.

After the user has granted access for the job board to access their LinkedIn profile. You can proceed to the Login form.

Users can either manually login with their username and password OR click on the "Log in with LinkedIn" button to automatically connect!

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 Andrew Turnbull (11:02am Tuesday 20 July 2010)

Well done Thomas. This is a fantastic initiative.

The only issue I see for the future is around the speculation that LinkedIn is on the path of floating and turning their site into a Job Board.

They are making strong progress toward an IPO.

I have been given the heads up recently, and as with all 3rd party plug-ins, the access to the platform is purely dictated by the owners of the platform.

I have several sources now telling me very strongly, that LinkedIn is in the throws of changing their whole platform, and will either disable 3 party plug-ins to other Job websites or, they will charge heavily for the privileged.

Regardless...I think what you have done is fantastic and certainly a leap in the right direction.

I also feel it will take more than just allowing users to log in using these facilities to capture attention and drive traffic.

You will see in the next 6-7 weeks our answer to this dilemma.

Best Regards

Andrew Turnbull - CEO

 Insider (1:20pm Thursday 22 July 2010)

Not correct. I think Andrew needs to get his facts straight and ammend your comments.

 saudi jobs (5:51am Tuesday 07 September 2010)

Really your blog has many valuable information. Grate effort. keep it up.

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