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Even It Up! issues challenge to SA Recruitment Companies

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 3:38pm Sunday 08 March 2009    Print Article

South Australian jobseeker website Even It Up! is challenging South Australian recruitment companies to lift their standards.

“Recruitment companies treat jobseekers appallingly,” says Even It Up! founder, Diane Lee. “You only have to access the information on the Even It Up! website to see how consistently badly people are treated. And it’s not just one company, it’s all of them.”

“To add insult to injury, the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) is using advertorials to say recruitment companies that display the RCSA logo guarantee a standard of service to jobseekers when this is clearly not true,” said Ms Lee. “Most of the recruitment companies that are named on the Even It Up! website as treating jobseekers badly are members of the RCSA.”

Ms Lee says that some recruitment companies are aware of what jobseekers are saying about them because their staff have signed up as members of the Even It Up! website. “Not one of these companies has approached Even It Up! for our advice on how to really make a difference to jobseekers.”

“Even It Up! believes that recruitment companies know they have a credibility problem, and they are trying to fix it with advertising and advertorials, badging and logos and so-called service initiatives,” said Ms Lee. “What you don’t see is a genuine, across-the-board effort to really make a difference to the experience of jobseekers.”

Even It Up! is calling on South Australian recruitment companies to get serious about improving standards. “I would love a recruitment company to contact me to discuss what is on the website, to set some strategies and KPIs/KRAs, and then report against them – publicly,” said Ms Lee. “I would love nothing more than to be able to report on Even It Up! that inroads that are being made.”

Even It Up! provides free information about the recruitment, selection and interview practices of employers and recruitment companies in South Australia. The information is provided by jobseekers who submit the information to the site.

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