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Articles tagged with FORM DESIGN

OWASP Top 10 and your Recruitment Website - Part 1
8:30am Monday 09 August 2010
Tags: dmitry kulshitsky security recruitment website job board owasp sql injection xss cross-site scripting broken authentication session management login form design hacking website security user authentication

OWASP has recently updated their list of the top 10 most prevalent security vulnerabilities. Since this list covers all major aspects of computer security it is interesting to check what are the issues that are relevant to a typical recruitment website or job board and (exercising the 80/20 rule) what are the key questions we should ask ourselves (or our IT/security staff) to be sure that we don't miss anything critical. read more...

How to confuse a job seeker - Part 2
2:25pm Monday 02 August 2010
Tags: classification structure job board online recruitment form design

Following on from our previous article on How to confuse a job seeker... Step 1. Create a complex and "unique" classification list Step 2. Expect the job seeker to select the correct item from the list read more...

How long do you keep the candidates application for?
5:37pm Tuesday 16 March 2010
Tags: application form candidate privacy candidate details personal information form design privacy policy business records

While researching application forms today, I came across an question that I had to share. It's one of these questions which no one really talks about. "How long will you permit us to store your personal information in the database?" read more...