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Articles posted on 2008-12-18

Inspecht releases 21st Century Recruiting eBook
4:30pm Thursday 18 December 2008

Inspecht has released the much anticipated 21st Century Recruiting eBook. Michael sent me a copy of the book earlier today and WOW was I impressed. The wealth of information contained in the book is relevant NOW! This is certainly one of those books you must have. If you had to source this information yourself it would cost more than $15 - online trends, social networking, social media strategies, online recruitment tools, etc. read more...

Hide recruiter job adverts? No thanks
1:29pm Thursday 18 December 2008

Hippo sneaked in this update to the search function about a month ago. You can exclude adverts from recruiters and your advert is highlighted in the search results. I will let readers and the recruitment industry make up their own mind about this and I believe this will turn off recruitment agencies from advertising on Hippo. What do you think? Recruitment Agency Discrimination? read more...

Hirewall beta release
12:10am Thursday 18 December 2008

Hirewall is a new web-based hiring system for SME's and is currently inviting organisations for Beta release testing. Based in NZ and run by Tim de Jardine - Tech Guru, Entrepreneur, ex Recruitment. (I think I have found a brother). He created Hirewall to provide SME's a non-bloated hiring system that will meet there needs. read more...