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Articles posted on 2008-12-07

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) Say What...?
9:58pm Sunday 07 December 2008

So you may have heard about Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO) but do you know what Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is? read more...

Recruitment Agencies on YouTube
6:36pm Sunday 07 December 2008

I have been following a number of Recruitment Agencies who have been creating and publishing videos for youtube. Consultive has stood out from the rest, and have used this new medium to produce a number of effective recruitment videos. read more...

What Thomas is reading - 7th Dec 2008
2:52pm Sunday 07 December 2008

Jobs ads fall for fifth successive month... Sydney Talent... Recruiting and Restructuring in a Downturn... Start-up wonders... Are your job advertising dollars well spent?... Does Social Networking = LinkedIn for Most Recruiters?... read more...