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Chit-chat with Alison Monroe from Adage
1:33pm Thursday 29 January 2009

Earlier this week, I received a media release from the niche job board Adage that the Directors have decided to put the job board up for sale, and concentrate on their other businesses. I spoke with Alison Monroe, one of the Directors of Adage, offering some advice (having gone through a sale of my own recently) and here is the summary from our discussions. read more...

Sell your friends emails to MyCareer
11:04am Thursday 29 January 2009

MyCareer have followed Careerone and SEEK in creating interactive games for the job seeker. The concept is good, but I doubt that it will really take off. My initial reaction was WOW, then I actually started playing the game (it really should be called - sell us your friends to win 50k). It must have cost $$ HEAPS to create this game, and then the cost to advertise the promotion. read more...

Monster hacked again plus information on security terminology
8:19pm Wednesday 28 January 2009

It has been widely reported online and readers would have known by now that Monster websites have been hacked. Confidential information has been downloaded, maybe malicious scripts have been uploaded, who knows what else has been done. But the question is... WHY? Why has the site been hacked in the first place. We understand that Monster has recently undergone a site upgrade - but still, that’s NO EXCUSE for not protecting confidential information. Let’s look at common terminology on the types of computer security incidents, and computer security evaluation methods. read more...

TribeHQ is coming
11:50pm Tuesday 27 January 2009

TribeHQ is set to breathe social networking life into the static world of job boards. It is currently gearing up for the public beta release next week (2nd Feb 2009). I was lucky enough to be sent some screenshots and pre release information from Tim de Jardine & Paul Jacobs co-founders of TribeHQ (Tim is also the founder of Hirewall ATS I interviewed a few weeks ago). read more...

Interview with Jane Damon from Chameleon-i
1:22pm Tuesday 27 January 2009

Chameleon-i is a leading web-based recruitment software solution for SME recruitment agencies worldwide. I spoke with Jane Damon from Chameleon-i about their software and plans for their new venture in recruitment website design. Recently they launched the new recruitment website for HSEQ One read more...

Was the NSW Government Job Board Hacked?
8:34pm Monday 26 January 2009

The news is currently reporting that the NSW Government's Job Board website has been hacked. The site is currently offline and undergoing security testing and maintenance. Am I surprised by the lack of security around job boards and recruitment websites? No, no, no!!! read more...

Spot the Difference
3:00pm Friday 23 January 2009

Let's play a game called Spot the Difference... Do you know any other stock images on recruitment websites? read more...

Identity Theft on Social Networking Sites
1:06pm Friday 23 January 2009

Identity theft is becoming a serious problems across the world, and with the innovation of technology, there are new ways to steal your identity being found every day. It is becoming harder and harder to protect yourself from this crime and ensuring your personal data is safe is becoming a constant struggle. You wouldn't want to give your personal details to a complete stranger, but the reality is you are doing this every time you sign up to a social networking site. read more...

Use of Flash Animations in Recruitment Sites
2:41pm Thursday 22 January 2009

Website designers are always trying to imbibe creative designing skills into the site in order to allure the customers. Flash applications in design makes a site better looking, interactive and appealing. Their usage is done in various ways depending upon the design requirement. The idea is to make the website more customer friendly and enjoyable for them. read more...

Review of Oracle Recruiter
12:02am Thursday 22 January 2009

I met David Talamelli from Oracle (Principal Recruiter, Asia Pacific Region) back in Dec 2008 and we had quite an in-depth discussion about online recruitment, in-house recruitment as well as blogging and social networking. David runs the Oracle Corporation Recruitment Blog here and has asked me to critique the blog and provide advice taking it to the next level. read more...

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